Monday, November 28, 2016

Ali Haider Pakistani Pop Music Singer

Ali Haider Pakistani Pop Music Singer
Ali Haider Pakistani Pop  Music Singer. He is great Pakistani Artist, he has sung in many languages such as Punjabi, Urdu, Saraiki songs, he create great name in Punjab Folk Music. 
He has continuously his hit songs released  in 1990 another popular  Album "Chand Sa Mukhra". He has also acted in numerous TV serials on  Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan. Ali Haider   started his career when he was following a Civil Engineering degree at NED University. He has also acted as a best actor in Lollywood Movie  “Chalo Ishq Larain”  the same Film was released in 2002. He sung hit theme music for the serial "Chandni Raatein". Ali Haider  learn and familiarized himself with the various styles of Pop Music and Folk Music to build his musical talent. Pakistani popular music alludes to well known music shapes in Pakistan. Pakistani Pop Music is a blend of customary Pakistani established music and western impacts of jazz, shake and move, hip bounce and disco sung in different dialects of Pakistan, including Urdu. I have selected below most popular Music of Ali Haider.
Ali Haider Pakistani Pop Music Singer 
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Biography Pakistani Folk Music Artist Ali Haider 

Ali Hyder was born on 22 October 1967 in Karachi Pakistan,  he  is  great Pop Music Artist of  Pakistan, he create good name in Pakistan Music. He sung lot of famous songs and specially was popular  in  1990. His most popular Album Purani Jeans which also released in 1993  and also  his Album Sandesa. The ubiquity of music depends on the individual offers of a solitary, viewership of its music video or the vocalist's collection outline positions. Aside from inside Pakistan, Pakistani popular music has likewise accomplished a compelling after and fame in neighboring nations and is tuned in by individuals from the Pakistani diaspora, particularly in the Center East, Europe and North America.