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This tutorial about how to to burn Blogger RSS Feed at Feed burner. Feed burner is basically an extra administration for blogger that tracks individuals who subscribe to your blog utilizing RSS.
RSS is a web innovation that signifies "truly straightforward syndication" in ordinary talk, that just means it's an innovation that gives distinctive projects a chance to lock onto your site  or blog and snatch your substance. Along these lines, Feed burner takes the customary RSS Feed blogger makes this consequently more often than not and gets it, gives it another address, tracks any individual who subscribes to that address, and gives other geeky treats.  

How to Burn Blogger RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Introduction to RSS Feed

RSS "Really Simple Syndication". It is an approach to effortlessly disperse a rundown of features, refresh sees, and here and there substance to a wide number of individuals. It is utilized by PC programs that sort out those features and notification for simple reading. Most individuals are occupied with numerous sites whose substance changes on a flighty calendar. Cases of such sites are news destinations, group and religious association data pages, item data pages, medicinal sites, and weblogs. Over and over checking every site to check whether there is any new substance can be exceptionally monotonous.  Email warning of changes was an early answer for this issue. Shockingly, when you get email warnings from different sites they are generally disrupted and can get overpowering, and are regularly confused for spam. 

Burn Blogger Posts to Feed Burner

Browse Feed burner open it with your Gmail account  then go to Feed burner page and continue to get started link.  Look at the following picture and insert your Blogger or Custom Domain URL in the box shown below and burn a feed then click on the next button.
How to Burn Blogger RSS Feeds to Feedburner
After that two messages appeared and select one message only shown in the picture has given below:
How to Burn Blogger RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Feed burner display the projected RSS Feeds Title and Feed URL. After completion this procedure and then click on the next button look at the following picture with carefully.

How to Burn Blogger RSS Feeds to Feedburner

After doing this you will receive confirmation screen that your RSS Feeds has been burned properly and select next button for setting up Feed burner statistics options. Now check mark on “I want more statistics” box to provide you entrance to extra tracking statistics and then click on the next button. For further procedure look at the following picture click on the Feed burner Analyze Tab you will look at the top of the page and Analyze Feed Stats Dashboard also. At this stage you will receive the message: "Your feed is so new, we’re still playing with the bubble wrap. It will get about 48 hours and above before you will be able to observe more acts on your feed". For more information see the picture has given below:

How to Burn Blogger RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Add Feed Link to Site Feed section

Check the title of your blog's Feed in the screen click on option edit feed details. This will provide you the new name and URL for your RSS Feeds it looks like your blog. After that open new window login to then navigate to the settings and go to "Site Feed" section of your blogger blog after that click on the Advanced Mode to switch from the basic mode. Now make sure that the Blog Posts Feed, Blog Comment Feed and the  Post Comment Feed are all set to “Full”. Look at the following picture.

How to Burn Blogger RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Now make sure that you are done and now paste the URL address of your new Feed burner Feed in the feed address box. After that add following line in the Post Feed Footer  then press to “Save button”. 

Once again returned back to Feed burner and click on the Publicize tab and follow the friendly graphic link to chickletize your feed. Now get RSS Feed icon code and put it on your blogger blog with a link to your new burned Feed burner feed.  Select the large orange icon entitled "Subscribe in a Reader". After selecting the code go to blogger blog and paste code in the Widget and then save button. If  you have remove mistakenly your RSS Feed you want to recover it please read this Article.

Finally apply drag and drop in the sidebar to place the widget on selected location and then click save. Click on View  Blog to look your new RSS Feed icon in the sidebar or any place of blogger template. When you click on the RSS feed icon you will observe that your new Feed burner will be in full action. 

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