Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Include Custom Robots.txt File to Blogger

By this useful article I guide you that, how to include Custom robots.txt  File to  blogger blog. Robots.txt file placed on the root directory of any websites or blogs.
 Robots.txt record interfaces with all sort of crawlers or loathsome little creatures like Google bot, Now I discuss the benefits of Custom robots.txt file how it is working properly by the rule of Search Engines.

How to Include Custom Robots.txt File to Blogger

What is Robots.txt

Robots.txt record interfaces with all sort of crawlers or creepy crawlies like Googlebot, which is Google web crawler's insect. In straightforward words, web indexes dependably need to record the new substance on the web so they send their arachnid or crawler to slither the new pages on the web. In the event that the creepy crawlies find new pages they will liable to list those pages, now robots.txt document goes to the photo for the benefit of you, arachnids or crawlers just list the pages you are permitting in your robots.txt record. Keep in your psyche, the crawler or arachnid will initially take a gander at your robots.txt documents to comply with the tenets you have taught. On the off chance that you have refused a page in your robots.txt document then creepy crawlies will take after the govern and they won't record that page into their internet searcher.

Where Robots.text File Located

Robots.txt record set on the root index of any sites or online journals. The creepy crawlies have probably to where to go for discovering robots.txt record. On the off chance that you don't have any robots.txt record into the root registry of your area then crawlers as a matter of course creep and list each pages of your blog. In WordPress, you can without much of a stretch make your robots.txt document and place it on the root index by your control board's record administrator or by utilizing any FTP customer like filezilla. In Blogger, you can not have any choice to go into the root index of your blogspot blog or custom Blogger area. Presently, because of Google who as of late include seek inclinations alternative by which you can without much of a stretch alter your meta header labels, robot labels, no-follow and do follow labels for various page sorts. We will utilize this choice to make custom robots.txt documents. Before making robots.txt record, you should know the tenets on the grounds that any dishonorable utilize can hurt your site Search engine optimization.  You can get to your robots.txt document by adding/robots.txt to the root catalog of your blog or site. On the off chance that your site space URL is "" at that point you need to get to your robots.txt document by "" URL.  In the event that you have a blogspot space then you can get to it by "" URL. You may likewise check my robots.txt document. If you want to add Custom robots.txt Header Tags to Blogger read this Article.

How Create Robots.txt File

How to create robots.txt file,  no problem,  I guide the following step by step suggestions tips and tricks about  Customs robots.txt for better SEO Tips for blogger.
  • User-agent: *
This is wonderful thing and it instruct to spiders what things to crawl and what are not. Further if you have some programming experience the symbolic character “*” it identify I the same portion and lines of bottom for all incoming spiders robots and crawlers

  • Disallow: /search
Disallow as name propose that does not allow search Engine Crawlers to crawl definite sections of your blogger blog and search is for those pages, which consisting on  labels in your blogger  that you do not want  to obtain indexed from search engines.
  •  Allow: / 
This is very important to propose the name that it allows search engines to crawl definite areas of Blogger Blog, in any case that is the sitemap of  blogger posts are included and allow to crawl it. I have tested following robots.txt file and tested it in Webmaster tools and it is working fine and properly.

How Add Custom Robots.txt to Blogger

You are Blogger owner and want to find which correct place of Custom robots.txt, and how to add it in Blogger blog, first open your blogger blog with your email address and password than  find  blogger blog "Settings", than  "Search preference" and now look Crawlers and Indexing headings than Click on Edit Custom robots.txt. for more information see the pictures has given below:

In view of the above, I have added Custom robots.txt file with above procedure and it is working properly, read this article and add it in your blogger blog for better SEO Tips and Tricks. I hope this Article is very useful for new blog owners.