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How to Use Google Webmaster Tools Technique for Blogger

By this useful article I guide you that how to get benefits for your Blogger or Website from Google Webmaster Tools Technique.
 Google Webmaster Tools is a free service providing you from Google that it support you  to  monitor and improve  your Blogger and Website. It is very useful for your Blogger or Website Search Engine ranking results and all  going to better and better ways.

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools Technique for Blogger

What is Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools not really hard to figure from the name itself that Google Website admin Instruments is an arrangement of apparatuses for website admins. Be that as it may, what you don't know immediately is this is an extremely helpful tool set that enables you to speak with Google and alter numerous parts of how Google sees your site, for example, list the outer and interior connects to your site, modify the slither rate at which Google bot lists your site, check the watchwords clients written to arrive on your site, and additionally the active clicking factor for every catchphrase, see your site's insights, and some more. One issue that needs saying is security concerns. Since you are giving Google a full access to your site's details, you may be stressed over how they handle this information. While Google is a trustworthy organization and it is not likely they will manhandle the information you are giving them access to, if privacy is a top worry for you, reconsider before letting Google (or whatever other insights arrangement, so far as that is concerned) to your site's insider facts. 

On the off chance that you utilize Google Webmaster tools Devices together with Google Investigation, the outcomes will be stunningly better. You can get to your Google Webmaster tools information specifically from Google Investigation, so in the event that you are as of now utilizing Google Examination, with simply some more exertion you could without much of a stretch coordinate it with Google  Webmaster tools  as well.

How to Verify and Submit Blogger Sitemap

Open Google Webmaster Tools through your Google Account and goes to URL tools  after that add full URL address of your Blogger blog and then press "Add Site" button. After that you will be given four options but you have not access to the server on Blogger blog you will need to choose the option “Add a meta tag to your site's home page”. Now choose verification method select the Meta tags. After that chose Meta Tags code  through the command (Ctr+C) copy the  code  and then sign  in your Blogger Blog and go to  Layout menu follow the “Edit HTML” now press command (Ctr+V) in the "Head Section" and paste the code carefully. Formerly you have positioned the correct spot  and then click on the "Save Template" button to update your Blogger Blog. To avoid any mistakes you might consider backing up your template at any place of your Computer. After pasting the code  in  blogger  "Head" section and now return back to Webmaster Tools and click on the “Verify button" under the page in the “Dashboard" "Verify a Site” and now you will be confirmed that your Blogger blog has been verified by Google. You can see verify button in red color for more information see the picture has given below.

Now add your blogger Site map to Webmaster tools, it is very simple and easy to use your blogger Site map. In these days blogger introduce XML site map and it will be counted all your posts automatically. Now add  Blogger Site map to Webmaster tools, as per following procedure. 

How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors

Now I discuss this topic  that you have submitted your blogger posts and you have found crawl errors in Webmaster Tools,  it not good practice for Search Engine, if search engine found that you have lot of 404 page not found errors your posts would have been ignored. Now the question is that why crawls errors comes time to time, the main reason is that first read and understood than make your blogger post, if you want to make your blogger post search engine friendly read this Article. Do not delete your blogger posts after publishing process, such practice is the main reason of crawler errors. Also one thing keep in your mind that do not delete your Blogger Site map time to time because now blogger automatically crawl your posts form your blogger root directory and use Site map.XML only with your blogger URL read this Tutorial. Some crawler errors are temporary do not take any tension and you can use “ Mark as Fixed” if still your crawl errors found once again now the last option is that use Removal Tool. See the picture below some 404 page not found errors shown. 

How to Use Removal Tool

How to remove your Blogger URL which is counted in 404 page not found error. Now select the URL which created 404 page not found error. I have already say that if you have problem in this regard use  “mark as fixed” your 404 page not found error, will be removed within 24 hours. If the errors still remain and comes once again  the last option is that remove your post URL through Removal Tool  it will take time I think within  one month to 90 days, all your removal posts URLs will be deleted from Search Cache result, you should be wait. Now the time is that what is Removal Tool and where is it in Webmaster Tools. Now sign up with your email address to Webmaster Search Console now go to Dashboard and then go to Google Index and then Remove URLs and after that remove your blogger post URL. For more guidance see the pictures has given below:  

How to Use Fetch as Google Tool

This is very important tool, how to submit your Blogger post URL for indexing quickly in Google Search Engine submit your URL request through this tool and then Google consider your request, but it will take time, have patience for some days. I have read lot tutorials peoples describe that Google Index the URL within 24 hours, it is totally wrong it will take a time I think in some days or more and fixed time, if your consents are original it is easy to crawl . Now see the following picture  how to Submit your URL in “Fetch as Google Tool. 

How to Use URL Parameters

Google propelled the parameter taking care of highlight of Google Webmaster tools in 2009, which empowered web page proprietors to indicate the parameters on their website that were discretionary versus required. After a year, they enhanced this element by giving a choice to a default esteem. Google says that they've seen a positive effect from the use of those tools hitherto." Now, they've enhanced the element once more, by empowering site proprietors to determine how a parameter changes the substance of the page.  My unique article on parameter taking care of portrays the issues that parameters can cause with how web search tools slither and file a website. Specifically, as the parameters increase, the quantity of close copy pages develops exponentially and connections might be coming into the greater part of the different renditions. This weakens Page Rank potential, and the "accepted" variant of a page may not finishing positioning and it generally would. Web indexes may likewise invest a lot of their slither energy of different adaptations of a little subset of pages, keeping them from completely creeping (and in this way ordering) the website.Now I guide you see the picture has given below and how set URL parameter in Webmaster tools.

How to Use HTML Improvements

We consistently get gotten some information about the HTML Improvements report in Google Webmaster tools. This report appears on the off chance that you have issues with Search engine optimization titles and descriptions that you set in Across the board Website design enhancement Pack. You ought to begin by perusing the Quality Rules for Website design enhancement Titles and Portrayals so you recognize what Google needs from your Search engine optimization titles and descriptions. If you find some short description and check your post description and correct it, if double post title found remove it to use removal tool in Webmaster tool. How to use HTML Improvements see the following picture for more guidance.

How to Use Robots.txt Tester

This is very important that Customs robots Header Tags and Custom robots.txt file in your blogger, now the time is that test your robot.txt file in robots.txt tester and make sure that you have added all correctly, if you have not make your Blogger Custom robots.txt file read this article. and if you have still not settled your blogger Custom robots.txt Header Tags read this useful tutorial. If you are still confuse where is robots.txt tester go to Webmaster Tools Dashboard and then go to Crawl section and than robots.txt tester you can find here and click on test then you find result Allow. For more information see the picture has given below:
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