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Ghazala Javed Pashto Music Singer

Ghazala Javed Pashto Music Singer
Ghazala Javed Pashto Classical Music Singer. she has sung great Pashto Ghazals and songs and she  create great name in Pakhtoon Music and Pakistan Music.
She sung, Ghazals, Pashto Folk Music, and other Hit Pashto Songs. She stared singing from 2004 and she was very popular to young culture.  Her great music and hit songs  was very prominent  not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan and around the world. Her most popular songs such as  "Baran De Baran De" and "Lag Rasha Kana". Later  due to best songs she  became popular and well known with Pashtun people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and also in foreign countries. She also began to appear lot of stage shows in Dubai and Kabul and earn great name. She was nominated for a Film Fare Award in 2010 and also received a Khyber Award in 2011. She was died on 18 June 2012 with her father by gunman.  In music it is sung with the conventional Pashto melodic instruments rubab and mangai. Tappa has up to 16 unique models of amicability and is being sung with full ensemble. In hujrah it's sung with rubab and sitar. I have selected most popular Music of Ghazala Javed.
Ghazala Javed Pashto Folk Music 
Download Ay Halaka Ta Che Pa Naaz
Download Baran De Baran De
Download Bia De Khumari Stargi Rawarhawa
Download Che Sta Ratlo Ta Me Janana
Download Da Me Khata Kare Da
Download Da Me Khata Karhi Da
Download Da Meene Yaar Me
Download Da Sta Dedan Pasi Pa Ghrono Bandi
Download Da Zrra Bailaly Me Pa Ta De
Download Deir Yaad Shaway Mai
Download Dildari Me Zargey Ghwari
Download Gul Ghunde
Download Ishq Ke Tawanoona
Download Jar Jar Laliya
Download Ka Ta Storey Za Spogmay Yem
Download Khaysta Khaysta Ghazal Ghazal Khkulia
Download Khkuly Shan Jenai Yam
Download Lag Me Poha Ka Janana
Download Ma Kawa Bana
Download Meena Ba Kawoo Janana
Download Meena Sarkhogy De
Download Niazbeene Me Da Starge
Download Orbal Ba Khoor Na Krham
Download Pa Iman Ye Rata Owaya Janana
Download Pa Mohabbat
Download Pa Yo Nazar Ki Rana Waray Zargey
Download Raza Che Dwana Okrho
Download Sa Narey Narey Baran De
Download Sa Nary Nary Baran De
Download Shrang Me Da Bangro De
Download Shukriya Shukriya Yara O Bewafa
Download Starga Rapegi Zama
Download Stargo Ki Janana
Download Ta Ba Lewaney Kama
Download Ta Ta Yadegam Kana
Download Tapay Khkuli Shan Jinay Yem
Download Tapey Khudaya Yao Khukule Janan Rake
Download Tola Wafa Yem Khazana Da Mohabbat
Download Umar Me Ter Krha Kho Ashna
Download Ya Allah Saba Ke Ya Allah
Download Yaar Me Wakhanda Sharabi
Download Za Lewany Da Meene
Download Za Mayina Nayam Cha
Download Za Os Garza Lewaney
Download Za Yam Naz
Download Zah Lewany Da Meene
Download Zama Yara Nadana Ta Sa Shway Lewaniya
Download Zan Me Ye

Biography Pashto Music Artist Ghazala Javed

Ghazala Javed was born on 1st January  1988,  she was great singer of Pashto Music from Swat Valley and later she shifted to Peshawar.  Shei is  master in Tappa is the most established and most well known type of the Pashto Music. The Tappa is a creation of two unequal meters, in which the primary line is shorter than the succeeding one, yet it mirrors every single human feeling and yearnings richly. Be it workers, laborers, or ladies all assumptions discover articulation in the Tappa. It is additionally normal among the Pashtuns that a kid of school would sing it, the seniors in their hujrahs, the ladies in their home and Godar alike. It is the main melody sung in the season of anguish and on the event of marriage.