Friday, May 4, 2018

By this useful Article I guide you that how to Install ExMplayer 5.0 or later on Latest Linux versions, such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu and others. ExMplayer 5.0 is latest and very popular Video Player it is called extended MPlayer. It has built in 203 Audio Codecs and 321 Video Codecs and it plays most video formats. It support network streaming and other audio, video formats such as DVD ".vob" , VCD ".mpg, .dat" and others. You can read more tutorials about more useful Video Players for Linux.
How to  Install Latest ExMplayer on Linux Versions
There is also support for subtitles library used to decode subtitles etc. In my experience it support 3D Movies, formats supported, like Side-by-Side, Side-by-Side Half size, Above-Below, Above-Below Half size. Put 3D Analgyph Glasses and play 3D Movies on your normal LCD and Monitor. If you have not 3D Glasses convert movie in 2D format and enjoy it. Anther great facility I watch it that you can boost volume up to 5000%, which means if a video has low volume then this player can boost volume with great performance. Now I guide you step by step that that how to install latest ExMPlayer in Linux Distros. You can also install latest VLC Media Player, MPV Player.

Latest Features of ExMplayer

  • Added Video downloader 
  • Added video software equalizer
  • Improved thumbnail seeking 
  • Some performance improvements 
  • Some performance improvements Movie Animator
  • Convert your favorite video section into high quality animation 
  • Videodl powered by youtube-dl 
Now install Latest ExMPlayer to use following command in terminal.
If you are 3D Movies lover, or want to see any movie, open ExMPlayer and open 3D movie or another DVD Movie follow the pictures has given below: 
How to  Install Latest ExMplayer on Linux Versions

How to  Install Latest ExMplayer on Linux Versions

How to  Install Latest ExMplayer on Linux Versions

 In view of above, this tutorial is very useful like other Linux tutorials, you can download and install more Linux Video Players.

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