Saturday, December 10, 2016

How to Create Linux Partitions Latest Versions

By this useful Article I guide you that how to maintain Linux partitions. Linux is very popular Open Source desktop System. Linux is widely used in all over the world because Linux is free and open Sources, Linux provide us Free service and all software totally free and other applications. Some very popular Linux Distros are very easy to use and also very useful such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Linux Bodhi, Linux Open Suse, Red Hat Linux are very popular. Now I am writing this article that some peoples creating problems and technical difficulties to make Hard Disk Partitions for Linux systems. You have already read lot of tutorials but this is very different, I guide step by step tips and suggestions, it is very different between Windows Partitions and Linux partitions. The following requirement to need Linux Partitions.

How to Create Linux Partitions Latest Versions

Make Bootable USB or DVD

The First step is that download latest Linux distro as per your choice, I advice that use Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint Latest Editions from their concerned Official Site. Make your Bootable DVD or CD, or Bootable USB Flash Drive and boot your system properly, after boot you will see following picture for further partition process. During the installation when you will reach the partitions stage installation type select the something else you can create or re-size partitions yourself for choose multiple partitions according your choice. after that you will find the following picture.

Remove Existing Linux Partitions

After pressing of "Continue" button, now you want to entire device to use in partitions and you want to make current partitions your all existing partitions will be removed, if all your previous partitions still avail there, select the size of the partitions and use to minus icon to remove them see the  picture has given below. 

Now you have done the above process, you have used minus button to remove existing partitions, after that you will find  freed the disk space see the picture has given below. 

Change Size of Linux Partitions

Now Application freed the disk space see the above picture and now select free space and click on add (+) button and start to make Hard Disk Partitions, If you have 500 GB Hard Disk or above you can use the same process, all your Hard Disk Size shown all your free space for more guidance see the picture has given below:

Change Boot Area Size of Linux Partitions

Boot Area is very important because your Linux System required first boot area, I have checked that lot of persons missed this option, it is not good practice. Now you will make primary partition as a new for  use as (Ext4 journaling file system) for mount point /boot  how you will make first new partition for /boot area choose size 500, if you have small size Hard Disk such as 10 GB to 40 GB. If you have large size Hard Disk from 80 GB to 500 GB and above you can chose it 2000 MB to 3000 MB, and further as per your choice, because you have lot of space, I have small Hard Disk so I have chose 500 MB. For more guidance see thee picture has given below:

Change Root Area Size of Linux Partitions

Once again  click on add (+) now the 2nd section is (/) Root partitions where all maintenance folders is located, type for new partitions logical and select minimum partition size and use as a Ext4 journaling file system  and for mount point / slash and select minimum 25000 MB space or more as per your Hard Disk space. If you have large Hard Disk chose fore size of Root Partitions. For more guidance see the picture has given below:

Change Swap Area Size of Linux Partitions

Now once again select remaining space and click on add (+) now select Swap Partitions the application makes it like an a temporary folder where the system move data when going into sleep mode and when you work with large  image files.  Swap area is a type of working memory (RAM) you should choose the Swap size depends on the computers Hard Disk size, if you have large memory size select 2000 to 3000 MB for Swap partitions for more guidance see the picture has given below:

Change Space  for Home Directory

Once again click on add (+) and select remaining space now the section is Home Partitions and it is for home directory and use as (Ext4 Journaling file system) Mount point as /home and select now all remaining space and click OK for more guidance see the picture has given below:
In view of above, now you have done Partitions on Linux Based System is ready and click on (Install Now Button) and install any Linux Distro on your PC, I recommended that use latest Linux Mint or Ubuntu it is very easy and fast and very popular Linux Distros. I hope this Article will be very useful like other Linux Tutorials.