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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Urdu Songs-Pakistani Pashto Songs Download | Rahim Shah

Rahim Shah Pakistani Pop Music Singer. He was born on 12 December 1975  in Karachi Pakistan.  He is great  singer of Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi, he create great name in Pakistan Music. He  is very popular and  leading Pakistani Songs Singer. He started from Peshawar, NWFP, and he is currently based in Karachi, Pakistan. 
Urdu Songs-Pakistani Pashto Songs Download | Rahim Shah
Rahim Shah has sung Folk Music and also started great  career in the late 1990s with lots of hits to his credit song “Ghum” which broke popularity records. His Pashto Album “Peera” became an immediate hit after its release. Another album called “Sabaru” had success with the tracks "Tap Tap" and "Payal", in the same year he released another Pashto Songs“Medda Medda”. He is great singer of Pakistan and people love his cultural songs in Pashto Language and he also very popular singer of NWFP and also in Karachi.  

After taking a short break, he returned to work bringing another hit with the song Channa in 2003.  Rahim Shah Pakistani Pop Music Singer. Rahim Shah also sung Jhoola, which he wrote and dedicated to his mother. His new  track Album has taken a year to produce and will be released with the help of Fire Records. Rahim Shah has placed an emphasis, in his musical arrangements, on Folk Music mixed with pop music and Pop SongsLately, he has also been working on a video with focus on high-budget videos with visual and marketing aids.  He also worked on three videos that were Priya and Rang Lai Mehndi, directed by Sarwar whereas Suhail Javed directed his third video Tere Ishq Ne. I have selected most popular  Music of Rahim Shah.
Rahim Shah-Pakistani Urdu Pashto Songs Download
Download Da Derta Cha Wayal Janana
Download Da Meene Lass De Rakra
Download Dil Tu Mera
Download Fiya Fiya
Download Guddi Wuddi
Download Ghum
Download Gule Sta Ghamona Di
Download Hum Ek Hain
Download Ishq Nachaaye
Download Ishiq
Download Izhaar
Download Jab Teri Yaad
Download Jhoola
Download Ji Karan
Download Judai
Download Junj
Download Ka Jorawi Me Khpal Janan Jeeny
Download Kabhi To Tumko
Download Laila
Download Lala Qalanda
Download Lambay Kawe Ra Gori
Download Ma Da Khpal Zan Pa Tamasha Ka
Download Ma Heerawalay Na She
Download Mar Jaengay
Download Mausam
Download Qasam Derta Kawoma Ta Me Zrra
Download Ro Ro Zulfi Arawa
Download Shum Qurban Shum Qurban Da Yarai Na
Download Ya Qurban
Download Yaara Musafara Ashna
Download Za Yem Da Gulab Gul
Download Shum Qurban Shum Qurban Da Yarai Na
Download Zara Tamey Janana Hamesha

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