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Sardar Ali Takkar Pashto Music Singer
Sardar Ali Takkar Pashto Singer. he  is a great Pashto Music Singer, he created good name in Pakistan Music.
He is great Pashto Folk Music, Classical Music, Ghazals singer, he is most popular for singing the radical poetry of Ghani KhanHis is  Mechanical Engineer by profession and he got graduation from University of Engineering and Technology in Peshawar, Pakistan. In gratitude of his services to the field of Music. He got  Pride of Performance from President of Pakistan. He got a program for young generation  named "Zalmey Kool" used to broadcast from the Radio Pakistan. Sardar Ali Takkar for the first time not only played different instruments but also sung two popular Ghazals in that program and he also performed on Pakistan Television Vision. The singing or recitation of a Charbetta is called Tang Takore. Traditionally Charbetta is started just after the finishing of a Tappa. I have selected below most popular Music of Sardar Ali Takkar.
Sardar Ali Takkar Pashto Music
Download Aey Da Lawanyano
Download Awrey Ka Kissa Da Awoor
Download Ay Da Nawe Bahar Chaman Gulla
Download Bacha Sahiba Raraseyga
Download Be La Yara Mey Na Dey Juand Pakar
Download Bia De Mazigar Kala
Download Bulbul Ta
Download Bya Dey Sahee Na Karam
Download Che Me Meena
Download Che Zwani Me The Pardi
Download Chey Dey Wass Da Badu Na Whee
Download Chey Masti Whey Aow Zwanee
Download Chey Pa Khanda Shee
Download Da Gulaie Zakham Tapey
Download Da Hindustan Mey Rastoon Karey
Download Da Khawley Mey Sheen Logey
Download Da Mangee Ghara Yeh Sra Laman
Download Da Pekhawar Na Ma Ta
Download Da Rang Pa Jam Key
Download Da Sahar Bada Ta Raghley Sa Chey
Download Da Seend Da Speeno Shagoo Na
Download Da Spansoo Tar Key
Download Da Sta Pa Stargo Key Ba Sa Patey Shee
Download Dedan Pa Send Key Ra Laho Ka
Download Gela Ma Zaka Okara
Download Gham Ki Da Janan
Download Gulona Da Bazara
Download Hagha Sa Sasi
Download Jenay Da Toot Landey
Download Kha Shwala Deara Chey
Download Khobweenam
Download Khumaro Stargo Karam Barbad Barbad
Download Laila Jur Bya Sail Da Gulshan
Download Speena Da Jinay
Download Sta Tore Starge Zma Yadegi
Download Starge Na Obasee
Download Waya Tool Da Stana Qurban Sa Okram
Download Yara Nan Mey Aowredaley Da Laila Da
Download Yo Gham Na Day
Download Yo Rowaz Pa Yo Sahara Ke
Download Yo Rowaz Pa Yo Sahara Ke
Download Za Che Kala Mar Shama
Download Za Che Lag Sair Oko
Download Zama Ashna Raze
Download Zama Duk Jaam
Download Zama Zara
Download Zergia Swazedale Za Wos Garza Lewaniya
Download Zulfey Khwarey Ka Mala Khub Razee

Biography Pashto Folk Music Singer Sardar Ali Takkar

Sardar Ali Takkar was born on ‎ 15 July 1956. He is master in Charbetta is another popular genre, which consists of an epic poem with special Rhythms. There are four kinds of Charbetta's. Normally, it's a poem of four lines but might also have six or eight lines. All aspects of life are discussed in it. That includes the heroic deeds and heroism by legendary figures and sometime expresses the Romantic Feelings. The tempo is usually very fast and is sung by two or more singers as part of a chorus in which ones singer reads the first line while the others follow the remaining. 

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