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Gulzar Alam | Pashto New Music Download

Gulzar Alam Pashto Folk Music Singer Biography

Gulzar Alam Pashto Singer. He was  born on 14 October 1959  in Peshawar Pakistan. He is great Pashto Music Artist he sung great songs in Pashto and Urdu and he create great name in Pakhtoon Music. 
He is very popular Folk Music, Classical Music and he is called Master in Afghan Pashto MusicHe is very popular Artist and he goes to politician and return back in 2008 in the world of Music and since then he has sung many albums and great Pashto Songs.  
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Gulzar  Alam is one the Artists who performed at the reopening in Music and he perform in Auditorium for promoting cultural activities. He enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful Artistry in Pashto Music. 
Gulzar Alam Pashto Folk Music Songs Download
Download Beega Me Ta Pa Khoob
Download Che Kha Khjuli Sahra
Download Che Pa Stargo Ke Ye
Download Che Pama Mayanede
Download Da Karachai Da Rana Gano Khaar Ke
Download Da Khwar Zadge Pa Khwar
Download Da Malakand Pa Dango Ghroono
Download Da Yao Bal Na Khkwalee
Download Da Zamong Kalee Ke Khkuli Khkuli
Download Da Zargi Hal Ba Rata Waye
Download Dapasa Waore Wareede Gharoono
Download Deer Me Da Akhtar Pa Wraz
Download Ghussa Ye Ma Dapara We
Download Gulabi Makh Gulabi
Download Jamoona Da Da Meene
Download Janan Che Ghate Ghate Starge
Download Khumaryaan Raghalee Dee Na
Download Khwand Kawee Deer Khwand
Download Ma Da Gulo Bagh Karale Wo
Download Mata Yao Yaar Raka Kha
Download Mre Sarge Ao Mra Kaata
Download Nan Ye Rata Owell
Download Shlangahaar Da Sparlo
Download Toora Da Jalkay
Download Tore Stargo Daraghlam
Download Ugoora Meena Da Asahna
Download Wa Janana Rasha
Download Yaar KHo Laro Da Bal Cha Sho
Download Yao Jam Yao Jam
Download Zargay Che Rogh La Darda Shee
His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many a hearts of Pakhtoon  peoples. He is one of those rare Classical Musicians who expanded the peripheries of Pashto Cultural Songs, Pashto Folk Music.  His rendering of Pashto Songs is divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world.
Pashto is one of the two authority dialects of Afghanistan, alongside Dari. Since the mid eighteenth century, lords of Afghanistan were ethnic Pashtuns with the exception of Habibullah Kalakani in 1929. 

Persian, the scholarly dialect of the imperial court, was all the more broadly utilized as a part of government foundations while Pashto was talked by the Pashtun clans as their local tongue. Ruler Amanullah Khan started advancing Top Pashto Songs amid his rule as a marker of ethnic personality and an image of "official nationalism".  I have selected most popular Music of Gulzar Alam.