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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dilber Jalal Chandio Sindhi Music Singer

Dilber Jalal Chandio Sindhi Music Singer
Dilber Jalal Chandio Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He has sung lot of extraordinary Sindhi Social songs, as of late he make awesome name in Sindh Music.
He has sung Sindhi Social historical songs. He is incredible artist and he is singing in the style of his father on "Yaktaro and Chapri". He is great Sindhi Society Music Artist, Classical Music and Lok Music and now he is exceptionally affected artist of Sindhi Music, he has sung on Neighborhood Stations, KTN, Kashish, Sindh Television and different Stations, he is extremely mainstream like his dad. Rapidly his melodies are exceptionally prevalent with the country group of onlookers of Sindh. He made the universe of Sindhi Lok Music and captivated the gatherings of people with his breathtaking masterful in his enjoyment of singing in Sindhi Dialect and also he has sung in Saraiki songs in Classical Sindhi Mousiqui I have chosen below most Famous Music of Dilber Jalal Chandio.
Dilber Jalal Chandio Sindhi Classical Music 
Download Ali Ji Qadman Te Wanj
Download Chha Kajay Perdes Tay Wanjno Tho Pai
Download Darzi Kapra Jaldi Sibi Di
Download Eid Ji Dehari Achi
Download Hikren Patka Badhraya Aahen Wari Tu Badhraendain
Download Jehri Thai Mast Jawani
Download Ji Maan Bhi Na Banya Pehinjo
Download Kadan Walso Sohna Sanwla
Download Kari Wagi Wari Chhadyo Aahi Mari
Download Khatam Kai Kheekar
Download Medy Sajan Ko Dewo Salam
Download Ro Na Dilri Jahra Fatji Wiya
Download Tohinje Dil Ji Chaway Achi Tu Kayan Galh

Biography Sindhi Lok Music Singer Dilber Jalal Chandio

Dilber Jalal Chandio was born on Village Misri Wah Phul, District: Noushero Feroze Sindh, his is son of Legendary Sindhi Artist Ustad Jalal Chandio. His super hit Sindhi Music has been bringing comfort to numerous hearts of people groups of Sindh. He is one of those uncommon Sindhi People performers who extended the peripheries of Sindhi Society Melodies by taking it to the normal masses. His rendering of "Sindhi Sufi Melodies", "Sindhi Social Music" was heavenly and used to captivate and transfix audience members, and transport them into an alternate universe of Sindhi.

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