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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Moula Bux Mari Sindhi Music Singer

Moula Bux Mari Sindhi Music Singer
Moula Bux Mari Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is marvelous Sindhi Music Artist and he has sung bundle of phenomenal songs in Sindhi and Saraiki language.
He is remarkable skilled worker in Sindhi Mousiqui and he made exceptional name in Sindh Music. He has create main role in Sindhi Cultrual Music and he is well known understood Sindhi Society Music, Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Social Music, and he is incredibly standard on Kashish Sindhi TV Station, KTN and Sindh TV and other Adjacent TV Stations. He propelled the universe of Sindhi Social Music and energized the get-together of individuals with his wonderful inventiveness in his satisfaction in singing in energetic age. His super hit Sindhi Music has been conveying solace to various hearts of energetic Sindhi Culture. He is one of those exceptional Sindhi Society Music who expanded the peripheries of Individuals Sindhi songs by taking it to the ordinary masses.  I have picked below most Sindhi Lok Music of Moula Bux Mari.
Moula Bux Mari Sindhi Folk Music 
Download Hal Ri Chari
Download Hik Shaher Hik Pari Mai Tha Rutha Ghumoon Bai
Download Jaden Juda
Download Kaden Karo Wais
Download Khalkaan Wari Sitaro Mohinjo Tu Saan Milayo
Download Ratt Ja Gorha
Download Sajho Saal
Download Samand Kinare
Download Sindhi Boli Piyari Boli
Download Tu Saan Piyar
Download Tu Yaar Khan

Biography Sindhi Classical Music Singer Moula Bux Mari

Moula Bux Mari Sindhi Folk Music Artist he belonging to Province of Sindh. His rendering of "Sindhi Kaafis" and Sindh Arfana Kalam was magnificent and used to charm and transfix gathering of people individuals, and transport them into a substitute universe of Sindhi Music. He played all "Sindhi, Balochi Hit Songs" of inconceivable verse of Sindhi young Artist and other Sindhi Sufi Singer. Moula Bux Mari has sung in Wedding capacities, Mela and other neighborhood Mehfils and he is also famous in young Sindhi Culture due to his own singing style. 

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