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Friday, February 3, 2017

Sattar Jogi Murli Been Instrument Artist

Sattar Jogi Murli Been Instrument Artist
Sattar Jogi Sindhi Instrument Murli Been Artist. He is exceptionally prominent Murli Been Player of Sindh, and he is still most famous Sindh Instrument Player and make awesome name in Sindh Music.
He is exceptionally master in instrument of Traditional Murli Been Music, as late Iqbal Jogi and Misri Jogi. The Murli Been create sweet Solid with extraordinary Music. Sattar Jogi wearing bright Turban in protruding pack holding tight his shoulder, he performed well most recent projects, he is as yet sitting tight to give execution in many projects. Murli Been is well known instruments, the been was played by Snake charmers, for example, Crates or pots dangling from a bamboo post threw over the shoulder. These charmers more often than not wore exceptionally brilliant clothing, including a turban and long Kurta and had for the most part long and wavy hair. Pieces of jewelry of shells or substantial dots and hoops would make their identity significantly more baffling. Sattar Jogi is awesome Murli Player he sung Murli in incredible style in Lok Music, in various melodies. I have chosen beneath Music on Murli Been has been played by Sattar Jogi.
Sattar Jogi Sindh Instrument Murli Been 
Download Murli Been Song In respect of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander

Biography Sindh Instrument Murli Player Sattar Jogi

Sattar Jogi belonging to Umerkot Therparker Sindh, Murli Been is very famous Saaz of Sindh, it is called  Pungi is generally produced using a dried jug gourd. Frequently, the neck of the gourd is cut for stylish reasons. On the opposite end, two now and then one or three reed or bamboo channels are associated. These are known as the Jivala. One of the channels has 5 to 9 holes and plays the tune; the other pipe is for ramble. The Jivala is fitted to the gourd with beeswax, which can be balanced for pitch modification. The Murl means Pungi is regularly one to two feet long.