Master Fateh Ali Samo Sindhi Music Singer
Master Fateh Ali Samo Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is fantastic Sindhi Music Artist, he made incredible name in Sindh Music.
He expected a phenomenal part in noticeable Sindhi Cultural Music, Sindhi Conventional Music, Sindhi Well known Music, Sindhi Lok Music, and he has sung lot of great songs on Sindhi TV Channels such as KTN Sindhi TV Channel, Kashish Sindhi TV Channel, Sindh TV, Internet organizing, for instance, Youtube and other Neighborhood TV Stations in Sindh. He upgraded the universe of Sindhi Latest Songs  and charmed the social events of individuals with his sublime informativeness in his pleasure in singing in Sindhi language. His super hit Sindhi Music has been conveying solace to various hearts of social orders of Sindh. He is one of those unprecedented Customary Specialists who broadened the peripheries of Set up Sindhi Songs by taking it to the typical masses. I have picked up below most surely understood Music of Master Fateh Ali Samo.
Master Fateh Ali Samo Sindhi Classical Music 
Download Ajj Karo Joro Pai Mohinji Fermaish Te
Download Allah Perdes Mai Na Rahain Kahain
Download Allah Sai Khair Kare Ajj Karo Joro
Download Aseen Perdesi Aahiyoon
Download Assan De Acho Ya Assan Khi Ghurayo
Download Bahoon Tu Khi Bhadhan Thu Piyara
Download Beqadra Wada Soor
Download Dass Chha Te Rutho Aahien Yaar
Download Eha Sajji Tohinji Husen Ji
Download Ghole Ghole Yaar Kayo
Download Hik Allah Raazi Huji
Download Kahin Ji Kahin Saan Lagi
Download Matan Kahin Ji Dukhan Dil
Download Matan Kayo Athi Kahin Saan Piyar
Download Mohinji Bahen Mai Pehinji Jawani
Download Moo Khi Mehboob Piyaro Aa
Download Naye Yaar Joon Hujan Mubarkoon
Download Piyar Sifarish Saan Kon
Download Rowando Aahian Sanam
Download Sada Piyar Ghayal Kare
Download Sik Jo Satai Thi Ta Chha
Download Soni Mundi Wara Sain
Download Tohinjo Piyar Gholi
Download Wah Jo Yaar Aa Rusando
Download Zindagi Mohinji Zindagi

Biography Sindhi Lok Music Singer Master Fateh Ali Samo

Master Fateh Alli Samo Sindhi Classical Music Singer, belonging to Interior Sindh Pakistan.  His rendering of "Sindhi Kalaams", flawless and used to energize and transfix crowd individuals, and transport them into a substitute universe of Sindhi Music. He played all " Sindhi Super Hit Songs" of great verse of Sindhi young specialists and other Sindhi Sufi Singer. Master Fateh Ali Samo has sung in Wedding administrations, Mela and other neighborhood Mehfils. He is master of Sindhi Classical Mousiqui and he has sung Sindhi Cultural songs.