The Beatles English Rock Music
The Beatles English Rock Music Singers.  John Lennon, then aged sixteen, formed a group with several friends from Quarry Bank School in March 1957.
After that they briefly called themselves the Blackjacks, before changing their name to the Quarry men after discovering that a respected local group was already using the other name.  Paul McCartney joined as a rhythm guitarist shortly after he and Lennon met with each other, and he invited his friend George Harrison to watch the band. The Beatles were an English Rock Band, framed in Liverpool in 1960. With individuals John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they turned out to be generally viewed as the principal and most powerful demonstration of the stone era. In the mid 1960s, their huge notoriety initially developed as "Beatlemania", yet as the gathering's music developed in complexity, drove by essential lyricists Lennon and McCartney, they came to be seen as an encapsulation of the goals shared by the counterculture of the 1960s. I have selected most popular Free  MP3 Music Album of The Beatles "Abbey Road 1969".
The Beatles English Rock Music 
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The Beatles assembled their notoriety playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg over a three-year time frame from 1960, with Stuart Sutcliffe at first filling in as bass player. The center trio of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison, together since 1958, experienced a progression of drummers, including Pete Best, before requesting that Starr go along with them in 1962. Chief Brian Epstein formed them into an expert demonstration, and maker George Martin guided and built up their chronicles, enormously extending the gathering's prevalence in the Assembled Kingdom after their first hit, "Love Me Do", in late 1962.