Suriya Soomro Sindhi Music Singer
Suriya Soomro Sindhi Pop  Music Singer. She is great Artist of Sindh and she has sung lot of great songs in Sindhi and Saraiki Language and she has create great name in Sindh Music.
She is in like manner lauded of his nation Sindh Dherti in her super hit songs. She is as of now uncommonly famous Sindhi TV Channels and besides on other Local Mehfils. She has noteworthy contribution in "Sindhi Kalams", she has sung all songs in the style of her marvelous in Sindhi dialect. She has vast experience, in Sindhi energetic social songs, her most conspicuous songs are exceptionally prominent in all over Sindh. He enhanced the universe of Music and captivated the gatherings of people with her mind blowing masterful in Sindhi Folk Songs. Her deep interpretation has been bringing comfort to numerous a hearts and youthful Sindhi Culture well and her music singing style. She has sung poetry  of mainstream Sindhi Poets and she is exceptionally famous Artist of Sindhi Pop Music, she has sung in Mela, Grass Establishes Mehfils in Sindh. I have chosen most mainstream Sindhi Music of  Suriya Soomro.
Suriya Soomro Sindhi Folk Music 
Download Acheen Nako Wanjeen
Download Ahri Chot Lagi Aa Pyaar Mai
Download Aeo Bae Gudky Raman
Download Aida Soor Na De
Download Bhale Tor Dil Mohanj
Download Biyan Re Badhae
Download Chhad Mitha Kawar Agan Hali Aa
Download Chho Tho Pyaar Khe Samjheen Mazaaq
Download Dukhan Re Bhari
Download Jeay Sindh Jeay
Download Kadhan Monjy Anghanh
Download Kakhiyan Re Bhari
Download Lakhen Jo Chalo Aaa
Download Mitha Tokhe Mola Khush Rakhe
Download Mohanje Lurkan Khe Na Ditho
Download Mohanjo Daroon Dawa
Download Moo Lai Kithy Piyo
Download Monji Jejal Maa
Download Odye Bhae Re Makhi
Download Qeemat Mohanje Lurkan Jee
Download Raat Saji Aahiyan Runi
Download Sike Mohanjo Saah
Download Sindhri Sindhri Sindhri
Download Tokhe Pukarende Mari Wayas
Download Wichri Wajen Tho

Biography Sindhi Lok Music Singer Suriya Soomro

Suriya Soomro started her career from Sindhi Local Channels, such as KTN TV Channel, Kashish TV Channel, Sindh TV Channel. She is beginning at now surprisingly famous in Radio Pakistan and she has essential responsibility in "Sindhi Lok Music". She has sung all songs in the style of her splendid in Sindhi Dialect. Her most evident songs are exceptionally unmistakable in all over Sindh. She updated the universe of Music and hypnotized the parties of people with her striking amazing in Sindhi Cultural SongsShe is one of those popular singing in her own style Artists who extended the peripheries of Sindhi most recent trendy Sindhi Music by taking it to the basic masses.