Waheed Hakro Sindhi Music Singer
Waheed Hakro Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He has sung lot of great songs in Sindhi and Saraiki Language.
He is most well known Sindhi Artist  and he create great name in Sindh Music. Waheed Hakro is well known among youthful era and he sung a wide range of songs, as, Society Music, Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Cultural Music. He  started his career from Sindhi Local TV Channels and he likewise commended the songs of his country "Sindh Dherti" in his extraordinary songs. Waheed Hakro is currently exceptionally renowned in Sindh TV,  KTN TV, Kashish TV and furthermore on other Sindhi TV Stations. He is remarkable involvement in "Sindhi Kalaams", he sung all songs in the style of his awesome in Sindhi dialect. He  has important experience, in Sindhi youthful social melodies, his most prominent songs are very popular in all over Sindh. He sung  poetry of popular Sindhi poets and he is very popular Artist of  Sindhi Lok Music, he sung in  Mela, Grass Roots Mehfils in Sindh. I have selected most popular Sindhi Pop Music of Waheed Hakro. 
Waheed Hakro Sindhi Pop Music 
Download Aeitbar tory Chadeo
Download Chalro
Download Chijan Chijan
Download Eenda Kayo
Download Hik Dil Hazaarain Suhna
Download Jananaan
Download Jumme Raat
Download Lagar Udaan Je Bahany
Download Lari Roak
Download Maan Shair Man Fankaar Thiyus
Download Mahangae Mary Chadeo
Download Na Banglo Ghuray Thi Na Car
Download Paiso Zarori Aa Paiso Majbori Aa
Download Papu Chariyo
Download Piyar Karnh Khan
Download Saddy Kapra Noo
Download Uthende Wehande Husen Waran

Biography Sindhi Singer Waheed Hakro

Waheed Hakro has enriched the world of Music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry in Sindhi cultural songs. His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many a hearts and young Sindhi Culture  in  his music singing style. He is one of those rare singing in his own style  musicians who expanded the peripheries of Sindhi latest stylish Sindhi Folk Music by taking it to the common masses. His rendering of "Sindhi Latest Cultural Songs" divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different singing Art of Sindhi Cultural Songs