Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to Add Floating Social Media Buttons to Blogger

By this useful article I guide you that How to add Floating Social Media buttons to Blogger Blog and drive traffic. Social Media Buttons are useful for best SEO. The main act is that after adding of Social Media Buttons to blogger blog you will facilitate readers and visitors to make links well-known social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Delicious Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Furl etc and other popular sites. When you will add Social Media Buttons to blogger blog personally in your blogger blog these buttons enables readers and visitors to share links with others and also supporting you to boost traffic towards your blogger. Now I suggest you following tips and tricks.
How to Add Floating Social Media Buttons to Blogger

About Floating Social Media Buttons

Floating Social Media Buttons support us to get our quality content share on social media sites. When our content share more and more on lot of Social Media Sites and we get traffic from that sites. It get our share buttons gives us best result on different search engines and our rank going to high. Customization shared buttons are very popular. Social Media buttons will be clicked by visitors and readers on your blogger blog and you can get traffic easily. There is no problem this is a choice of visitors and readers which social sites clicked by them for example Delicious, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Stumble Upon, these Social Media Sites are given prefer to your blogger blog on line service.

How to add Social Media Buttons to Blogger

First open your blogger blog and go to Layout of blogger and click on Add Gadget and then go to HTML/JavaScript for more guidance see the picture has given below:
How to Add Floating Social Media Buttons to Blogger

In light of above, picture and add the following code in HTML/JavaScript area and it will be get the result of left side of your blogger template and every one who want to share your blogger post it can be easily share it.

Finally I advice that Addthis is providing free service and you can get Social Media buttons and place it anywhere you want. I hope you like this article like other tutorials and leave your comments.