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How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player

By this useful Article I guide you about Most Popular sView 3D Stereoscopic Player, this is an open source universal viewer which supports many file types including images, video, audio. It has been designed for 3D stereoscopic data, but can be used for traditional files without any limitations. it is most popular and great Media 3D Player and it gives you best Stereo result of Analgyph movies, 2D Movies, you can use shutter glasses and and other formats and you can also Play video and audio files directly from any folder. The list of supported formats is very long thanks to FFmpeg framework and includes MKV, WebM, OGM, AVI, FLAC. Player supports both stereoscopic and flat videos controlled by Source Stereo Format option. Now I am going to discuss more about this great Media Player.
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player

About sView Stereoscopic 3D Player

sView 3D Stereoscopic Player is most popular Player of the World, specially for Analgyph 3D movies, you can watch Movies on Normal LCD, LED, Laptop to use Blue and Red 3D Glasses, it give you best Stereo result and you can also change your movie 3D stereo such as (DX Separation, DY Separation, Angular Separation) and lot more functions. On the off chance that you resemble you that unquestionably despise optical plate playback on the grounds that occasionally playback falls flat; explanations for disappointment incorporate, yet are not restricted to, broken circle, locale bolt, gadget confinement. For instance, a DVD purchased in US may not play in India, Pakistan etc on the off chance that it is not locale free or blu-ray (BD) won't play anyplace other than independent BD players, common BD media players in PCs or consoles like Sony PlayStation 3. No big surprise why individuals like DRM free advanced record in the hard/streak drive for playback with no hitch. Additionally, as long as the gadget equipment/OS/programming underpins, the advanced records in your drive can for all intents and purposes be played in any gadget. For 2D documents, we have a plenty of media players in any standard OS. Notwithstanding, with regards to 3D stereoscopic documents, we once in a while observe a media player accessible for nothing. I call sView as a Hero Media Player and it gives you great performance to use 3D and other formats. I introduce some pictures with detail of sView Player below:
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player
How to Watch Movies on Free 3D Stereoscopic Player

How sView 3D Stereoscopic Work

sView is a free, open source, and cross-stage stereoscopic 3D media player. It takes a shot at Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. For the reasons for this survey, we particularly took a gander at the Windows rendition. 

  • Drag-n-drop possible
  • No stuttering up to 1080P
  • Support to active shutter glasses (IR) and passive anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses
  • Open-source
  • Preferred subtitle and audio track support
  • Features like taking 3D screenshot included
  • Minimalistic yet stunning interface
  • Available for Windows, Linux, OSX
  • Typical stereoscopic 3D playback (see discussion below for more details)
  • Video/image support
  • No external codecs required
  • No keyboard short-cuts
  • NVIDIA warning message (which is removable)
  • No resume playback function
  • Not all subtitle formats supported
  • No automatic proper playback 
  • Computer fans may go berserk during playback
  • Error message at the launch 
  • No Windows XP support; Win8 support is unknown
  • No right-click menu

Discuss About sView Stereoscopic

Before I expand, I should reveal to you that you require 3D equipment like 3D screen/glasses to make playback work with this product. I have tried sView Windows form # 13.05 in Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with dynamic show and Nvidia dynamic screen glasses. Half-next to each other (half-SBS or H-SBS) or full-one next to the other (full-SBS or F-SBS) or half-finished the-under (half-OU or H-OU) 1080P AVC-x264/DTS-5.1/MKV documents worked with zero issues. Installed subtitle documents like UTF-8 worked while PGS (zlib) didn't work. Outer subtitle records like SRT worked yet SUB/IDX didn't work. 

The principal thing you will watch when you open this player is that it concocts a mistake message, "WinAPI, Quad Buffered stereo not upheld". It won't jeopardize playback however I couldn't welcome it. The uncluttered current interface is something you may like. 

Unless you play with this product, it is not simple to make sense of how to appropriately play stereoscopic 3D since programmed capacities don't function admirably, and no reasonable aides are accessible from the engineer. Fortunately I have made a guide that you can use for revise playback as takes after:

Choosing your graphics card

If you have Nvidia graphics card, you need to go to Shutter glasses > Quad Buffer type, and change OpenGL Hardware to Direct 3D Nvidia (Full screen).

Choosing your glasses

If you have active shutter glasses, you need to change the glasses by going to Shutter glasses > Change device > Shutter glasses. Other options are also available, if you have Analgyph Red and Cyan Blue Glasses and select best stereo result.

Opening a stereoscopic 3D file

Open Movie From One file. Drag-n-drop works, too. If you have two files for the same video/movie, choose Left+Right files.

How to Download and Play Popular Formats

In spite of its constraints, I wholeheartedly offer sView two go-ahead. To the extent I know, this is the main free stereoscopic 3D media player that requires no outer codecs and chips away at Windows, Linux, and Macintosh OS X. Beyond any doubt there are negative perspectives to the program, however it just works with its basic yet intense interface. Prescribed.
  • Supported OS: Windows (Vista, Win7), Linux, Mac OS X
  • Price: Free
  • Version reviewed: v17.04-16 latest
  • Download size: 26.734 MB
  • No Virus

This is very great tutorial like other tutorials, If you want to install sView 3D Stereoscopic Media Player on Linux Basis system such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint and others read this Article. If you want to Play Blu-ray movies you can download Cyber Link Power DVD Free or read this Article