Sunday, August 13, 2017

Open External Links to New Window
By this useful article I guide you that how to add external Links and how to open links in new windows in blogger post. Links in your blog post causes clients to explore and discover more data. 

Regardless of whether it is inner links or outside links, for your clients and for better SEO Tips and Tricks and enhancement it is vital that you include interfaces in like manner. By including interior links your visitors, readers will ideally observe related posts that you've written in the past which builds online visits and decreases skip rate. Then again outer links will just profit your clients. Now I guide you step by step that how to open external links in new window tab. For more guidance see the following procedures.

Advantages of Internal Linking in Search engine optimization 

Making every single outside connection open in another window/tab is generally a smart thought in light of the fact that by leaving your blog open in new window, clients will have the opportunity to return back. Here we will demonstrate to you best practices to make connects in Blogger that is all outside links to open in another window/tab.  In Blogger naturally all links that is both internal and outside links will open in a similar window. At whatever point you distribute a post utilizing arranger you will as a rule include a link by featuring the content and tapping on the link catch. Presently in there you will have the choice to set link target which most neglect to check. Other than that physically including "target=_blank" in to your hyperlink will make the link open in another window. for more guidance see the picture has given below:

In any case here is the speedy and basic arrangement that makes all links open in another tab. So you don't need to set link focus on each time when you distribute another post. This likewise applies to joins in your past post.

How to create all links in blogger to open it in New Window

1.  Now login to your Blogger blog and go to your blogger dashboard then go to Template and then click on "Edit HTML". Now press "CTRL + F",  and find for "<head>" tag and just below the "<head>" tag paste the following code line.

<base target=’_blank’/>

2.  For more guidance see the picture has given below how to add above code line in blogger <head> section.

I hope this article is more useful like other tutorials. If you like it please leave your comments. 

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