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How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

By this useful article I guide you that how to watch 3D Movies to use non-3D Desktop TV Screen, LCD or Laptop. In case you are movies lover, you may have wished to have the capacity to watch 3D movies on your Laptop, TV Screen, LCD or LED non-3D Monitors. However you can not afford such costly 3D TV or 3D Monitor. In the event that the appropriate response is yes, at that point you may be happy to find that you can really do that. In any case, you can use few reasonable techniques, which I guide in this useful tutorial like other tutorials.
How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

The appropriate response is that the basically there are a few techniques to see 3D Movies. The 3D technique in form on current 3D perfect screens is Stereoscopic 3D. Yet, we should take after the Analgyph strategy, in light of the fact that as said, you will not require a 3D perfect show for that. Now I guide you step by step how to watch 3D Movies on non-3D TV Screen or Laptop to use Analgyph technique.

What is Anaglyph 3D Technique

Anaglyph is a kind of stereo 3D picture made from two photos dismantled roughly 2.5 inches, the middle separation ordinarily between human eyes. The Red shading field of the left photograph is joined with that of the correct photograph so as to make the fantasy of profundity. In America generally the Red and Blue focal point glasses are worn to see the impact, in Europe and also Red and Green blend is normal. In the event that you have some knowledge, you will solicit a couple from inquiries at the stage. In fact, which is the reason this strategy wound up noticeably out of date in any case. Yet in my experience I found a straightforward workaround to this, which I might say at last and on the off chance that you tail it, you can convey the hues to a close flawless portrayal. Thus, on the off chance that you take after the technique in this guide, the shades of the movies won't be ruined. You can yet not on standard Players like VLC or Windows Media yet, you'll have to download sview Stereoscopic player or KM Player it is my proposal that both Stereoscopic Players are the best strategy to utilize for better result. This gives the impact of having a binocular vision in the screen, much the same as you see genuine 3D Pictures. In Anaglyph, two hues at the inverse end of the range are utilized at each eye. One shading wipes the other out and prevents it from being seen. As two separate pictures are then observed by the eyes on the screen, those pictures give a comparable and henceforth square with 3D impact as the more current strategy. You simply need to set the hues right.

How to Design Pair of 3D Anaglyph Glasses

Anaglyph 3D Glasses have distinctive hues for each eye. Albeit a few mixes are accessible, we will adhere to the conventional sort, i.e. Red for the Left Eye, Blue for the privilege. In the event that you can discover it at your nearby Glasses shop, or in any case that will be incredible, it is very cheap you can purchase it from the market RED and BLUE Glass. Some peoples used to give a couple of Anaglyph glasses on a card outline, it is not good practice. I have tested that it is not giving best result, so I advice that purchase it from the local market, it is very cheap. On the off chance that you can not discover it at the glasses shop, no stresses, for you can simply advise the businessperson to make a redid one for you or else 3D Red and Blue Glasses available in local Market. Request that he demonstrate you red and blue variations of shades and pick an a decent red and blue shade. Note the following main things:
  • Red ought to be profound and ought to fundamentally be red not dark colored/orange.
  • Pick a lighter shade of blue. i.e. the blue shading ought to be to a greater extent a mix with a Cyan shade.
  • Obscurity level of the two sides ought not be befuddled. Both ought to permit generally break even with measure of light.
See the following picture of the Anaglyph Glass you can purchase it from the market, do not use green and red glasses it is not better for 3D Anaglyph.
How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

How to Get 3D Movies and 3D Player

Pick a Movie of your decision and download it from Media Music Mania. The main tip which I am giving you here is to check if the movie name conveys a 1080p or 3D tag in the name. Envision the agony of downloading a movie and discovering it wasn't 3D at all. Open up the Movie you have downloaded in Windows Media Player. On the off chance that it demonstrates two separate areas and you can not play side by side 3D Anaglyph on Windows Media Player, because this software is not support. See the following picture.
How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

The above 3D movie is running in Windows Media Player and it looks two side pictures, it means Media Player is not support 3D Anaglyph. I Advice that look this movie on most popular sView Stereoscopic Player or Cyberlink DVD Player. If you have not both software you can download both software free, how to download sView Stereoscopic Player Free and how to Download Cyberlink DVD Player Free. In addition to you can download free KM Player to see 3D Movies. Now download Stereoscopic Player from above link and how to watch 3D movie, see the picture has given below: 
How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

Now see the above picture and you look that the movie is looking 3D Anaglyph look with side by side and support Red and Blue Glasses, sview gives Stereo best result.

How to Open 3D Movie in Player

Now Download sView Stereoscopic Player from above link and also download movie free Media Music Mania, for example I have downloaded some 3D Movies I want to open one movie from it in Sview Player see the following picture. 
How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

Now see the result of the movie I have opened it in sview Stereoscopic Player, see the picture has given below:
How to Watch 3D Anaglyph Movies on Normal Computer

The above movie I have opened and it is giving best result in sview Stereoscopic Player.

How to Set Display Minimize Colors to Watch 3D Movie

I have read lot of articles online about how to play 3D Movies on normal LCD Monitor or Laptop, some peoples advice that change the colors of monitor or LCD, this is not good practice you should not be change the colors of the Laptop, If you have better Nvidia Graphic Card you can get best result of the movie, and install Nvida 3D Vision Video Player and set 3D Anaglyph glasses and test it, it is working better or not. An other way is that if you have not Nvidia Graphic Card driver no problem, Install Windows 10 on your PC and Laptop and you can download Cyberlink Power DVD free from this link and also sview Stereoscopic Player for better result you can set the colors and change 3D Stereo and change DX Separation, DY Separation and Angular Separation as per your demand when you see better keep it. For more guidance read this useful tutorial.

I hope this article will be very useful for you to watch 3D Movies on your Laptop Screen or TV Screen. If you like this please leave your comments.