Sunday, September 17, 2017

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Blogger

This Tutorial is about how to get Google AdSense Approval for blogger blog, this is not easy task in these days because google now refused old polices when we have one blog only two or three posts we got approval now the task is tough it is only depend on your real contents and more and more posts with genuine topics which topics helps for others, and avoid yourself from copy and pate from other sites, because google is very clever if your posts material counted as duplicate you are not liable for AdSense account. Now I am going to describe some important things to do about Google AdSense see the following. Now I am discussing that logical AdSense advertisements are best-paying Promotion program for Bloggers and other Websites.
How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Blogger

However, I am sharing my own experience that how to get AdSense account permission for blogger blog.. This is very tough task because google receive lot of application on daily basis from those it is not easy and get Google AdSense approval. I have judged some strict record endorsement arrangements, and one of them is blogger blog ought to be a half year old. However, it's not generally genuine, and on the off chance that you have made a quality site, you can get an affirmed AdSense account effectively. I think the real issue is for blogger blog, for a few reasons Google AdSense, doesn't engage blogger. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reason blogger blog get is Issue with page sort. One simple approach to get AdSense account with a blogger blog is to get a custom domain and than apply for AdSense account. After getting of private domain there is a straightforward trap which you can get your AdSense account for blogger rapidly. On the off chance that your blogger account have an adequate number of posts at least above of 50 posts with genuine contents at that point it's anything but difficult to get your AdSense account affirmed. In the event that you have individual private domain on your own name and it is chance to get approval of Adsnese. Now see the following main points for Adsense approval.

Things to do to get AdSense Approval

  • Create Domain particular Email Address, means which email address you have got custom domain. 
  • Purchase a custom domain online or your nearby domain sellers 
  • Create pages, and include Privacy Policy, Contact us, etc and display your complete address with telephone and email etc. 
  • Guarantee that your blogger design is professional.
  • At least 25 logic and genuine blogger posts
  • Guarantee you don't utilize copyright images, pictures. Here you can discover destinations to download free pictures. In the event that you have replicated pictures from Google seek, backpedal and erase it from your blog.
  • Guarantee your sidebar looks clean and expert for the ads of 300x600 or larger 
  •  Avoid from duplicate material do not cut and paste. 
  • Clear your blogger header and do not write any thing on header and keep place for Adsense ad 728x90 or as per your template design and make well designed menu for reading better. 
  • Your blogger template is looking like professional design try to make it easy and well, do not use heavy material such as Flash items, do not use much JavaScript codes but use JavaScript as per requirement, add Social Media share buttons only below of blogger post do not use floating social media share buttons. Avoid from other Ads service. 
  • If you are already banned from AdSense do not use same email address and remove Adsense banned ex-email addresses and do not use banned email addresses and remove it permanently and make new email address and your blog should be with with same email.

Complete Google AdSense Apply Procedure

I hope you have understood above things which I have mentioned for the requirement of approval of Google AdSence. Now make sure that you are eligible for Google AdSense Account if you are ready as per above main topics. 

1. Now go to Google AdSense and use your gmail account which you are using with blogger blog do not give another email. Now signup with Google AdSense account with your correct home address phone number and other necessary things. 

 2. Now go to blogger Dashboard than Edit HTML section of blogger template and search <head> and add following code below of <head> section. 

3. For more guidance see the picture has given below 
How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Blogger

4. Now once again go to blogger Dashboard and search "Earnings" and get your AdSense ID and paste in the above Google AdSense Verification code. Now see the following picture.  
How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Blogger

Finally go to sidebar gadget and add AdSene ad 300x600 for above or as per your requirement of your blogger template and also add other AdSense such as in blogger header, footer and leave it blank and wait 03 days to 03 weeks, if you are eligible for AdSense you will receive approval email from Google.