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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jumo Bheel Sindhi Folk Music Singer

Jumo Bheel Sindhi Folk Music Singer
Jumo Bheel Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He has sung lot of great songs and he sung hit music in Sindhi and Saraiki language. 
He was sung most well known "Sindhi Kaafis", Sindhi Dastan Sufi Music and Sindhi Arfana Kalaams, and awesome songs in Sindhi dialect. He was sung Sindhi Society Music, Sindhi Sufi Music with Sindhi old sleek Peoples Cultural Music. He has sung  extraordinarily great poetry of Sindhi Sufi Poets such as Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A, and others. He was incredible Singer of Sindhi Classical Music. He was exceptionally incredible name in old Sindh Music. He has sung Sindhi Lok Dastan with proficiently and his awesome sweet stable and extraordinarily in new style, he was artist of Sindhi Music. He was performed in Sindhi Folk Music and his music disseminated from one town to next town. Jumo Bheel giving great performance in exhibitions to rustic and residential communities with groups of onlookers. I have chosen below most mainstream Sindhi Music of  Jumo Bheel.
Jumo Bheel Sindhi Classical Music 
Download Bibi Zulekhan Sindhi Lok Dastan
Download Imam Muhammad Hanif Dastan
Download Gunhagaren Ghareeban Khi
Download Mushkil Mai Nadir Kayo Sawal
Download Paan Tu Paida Kayo
Download Sajan Tu Khan Siwa
Download Tu Khi Asghar Ji Moo Akbar Ji

Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Jumo Bheel

Jumo Bheel belonging to Province of Sindh. He singing style of Dastan Music with incredible melodic Methods. What a talent singer, he untouched audience members like his best songs. His lok Dastan like, Imam Muhammad Hanif, Dastan Kerbala, Yousuf Zulekhan Dastan and others was exceptionally mainstream in all over Sindh. His singing style happens in a live setting, maybe at an outdoors Mehfils in "Aotaq" and he sung additionally in Mela and wedding ceremonies. He presented lok Dastan playing new style in Sindh, his songs with a spot of superbly informative. He is a characteristic storyteller and he sung a songs with narrating.

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