Leemon Faqeer -  Best Top 10 Sindhi  Kafiyoon Free Download

Leemon Faqeer Sindhi Kafiyoon, Ghazals, Molood Sharif Performer. He was great 
most mainstream Sindhi Kafiyoon, Molood Sharif, and Ghazals Artist and also he was great Naat Performer.

Leemon Faqeer was most without a doubt comprehended Sindhi Molood and Kafiyoon Performer and he made incredible name in Sindh. Kafiyoon, Sindhi Molood and Ghazals are called profound in Islam.

The Molood and Kafiyoon offering appreciate to Allah Almighty and in the admire of Rasool ullah S.A, somebody recollect to the past and they give message of Allah to others on the occasion of Wedding ceremonies, in the wake of performing of "Juma Nizam" in the Mosque and furthermore on Eid Day. 

He appropriated Kafiyoon, Molood Sharif from one town to next town. Leemon Faqeer had some otherworldly Kafiyoon, Molood Sharif was extremely prevalent in all over Sindh. In my adolescence I needed to listen Sindhi Kafiyoon, Molood Sharif in Mosque of my town. I have chosen most prominent some Kafiyoon of Leemon Faqeer.

Leemon Faqeer - Sindhi Kafiyoon Free Download
Download Adyun Raat Maler Maan Wae Ahyan
Download Kean Palyan Pahanjo Pan Miyan
Download Merai Parton Thai Mithal Juwani Mani
Download Metho Nalo Muhammad Jo Wathan San Dil Thari Thi Pai
Download Mitha Muhb Tokhe Wisarn Dukhyo Aa
Download Muhinje Punhal San Aahe Ser Je Satei
Download Muhnje Agan Eindo Sabh Gam
Download Sij Ada Ohdain Wathi Hal
Download Tuhinje Ishq Dine Eha Mankhi Methi Lole
Download Wendi Wendi Waat Te Aj Wah Jo Wahwar Thyo

Biography Sindhi Ghazlas Kafiyoon Performer Leemon Faqeer

Lemoon Faqeer was mainstream because of his extraordinary sound and he performed Kafiyoon, Ghazals and Molood in Sindhi dialect on better places, such as Mazaris of Sufi Buzrigs of Sindh. 

The historical backdrop of Kafiyan and Molood Sharif was exceptionally old the past time when people groups assembling on the one place during the evening time and Kafiyoon performer got thankfulness from the people groups.

Leemon Faqeer was extremely old normally Storyteller in Kafiyoon, he perform poetry of Sufi Buzrigs such as Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Bedal Faqeer R.A, Hazrat Bhudhal Faqeer R.A and others.