Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I introduce most famous Sindhi old Classical Music Singer Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar Free MP3 Music Download. Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar was great Sindhi Folk Music Singer, he was well known about his sweet sound and great style of singing. He create great name in Sindh Music. I have selected some most popular Free MP3 Music of memorable Artist of Sindh Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar.
He had sung most well known Sindhi "Kaafis", "Sindhi Kalaams", Sindhi Love and Sad Songs, he was awesome singer and sung great songs in Sindhi language. He had sung Sindhi Lok Music, Sindhi Cultural Music, he was very famous in the World of Sindhi Music in past time. He was extraordinarily artist and he sung poetry of well known Sindhi poets such as Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (R.A), Hazrat Sachal Sermast (R.A) and others.
Manzoor Ali Khokhar Sindhi Classical MP3 Music Download
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Sindhi renowned Artist Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar was incredible singer  of Sindhi Classical Music. He was exceptionally incredible name in old Sindhi Music. He Played Sindhi Lok songs with proficiently and his great sweet stable and extraordinarily voice in Sindhi language. He was artist of Sindhi Music he sung with incredible songs with social Sindhi cultural artistry. Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar was well known untouched audience members like his best songs and he was exceptionally mainstream in all over Sindh. His singing style happens in a live setting, maybe at an outdoors (Mehfil) in "Aotaq" and he played additionally in Mela and wedding ceremonies. 

Manzoor Ali Khokhar Sindhi Old Classical MP3 Songs Free Download 

Chhade Tu Je Wenden

Dil Giya Todd

Ghair Tu San Gad Disi

Kan Ghana Mehboob Mana

Kithe Mohab Moo Saan Wafaaon

Yaar Alai Kean Bhulio Aan

Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar was great Artist in the past  and he introduce Sindhi Music in Classical singing style in root areas and cultural society of Sindh. He was performed in Sindhi Folk Music and his music spreading from one town to next town. He had given great performance night exhibitions to rustic and residential communities with groups of onlookers in Sindh. I have selected most popular Free  MP3  Music Download of Haji Manzoor Ali Khokhar. 

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