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Monday, October 30, 2017

Mujeeb Alam Pakistani Playback Singer

Mujeeb Alam Pakistani Playback Singer
Mujeeb Alam Pakistani Playback Music Singer. He was most popular Artist in Pakistani Film Industry.
He was most demanded Artist of Pakistan and he had sung lot of great songs in Urdu, Punjabi and other languages. Mujeeb Alam was great Artist of Lollywood and he sung some great songs in tenure of 1960 and he create great name in Pakistan Music. Her Super Hit songs was  pictured on great Artist of Pakistani Film Industry Artists such as  Nadeem, Waheed Murad, and Muhammad Ali. Some of his well known songs were "Mai Teray Ajnabi Shehr Main", "Mai Tera Shehr Chhor Jaon Ga", "Main Khushi Se Kiyoon  Na Gaoon", "Mera Dil Nhi Ga Raha Hai", and "Woh Naqab Rukh Ulat Ker Meray Samnay Na Aain". The song which earned him genuine popularity was "Woh Meray Samnay Tasweer Banay Baithay Hain" for Hit Film Chakori in 1967. Mujeeb Alam had won the Nigar Award for this great song. He was additionally sung songs in Bangla, Punjabi and Pushto dialects, and has right around 12 sound collections surprisingly. I have selected most popular MP3 Music download of Mujeeb Alam.
Mujeeb Alam Pakistani Playback Music  
Download Aye Janey Aarzoo Tujhey Kesey
Download Badlon Ke Talley Hum Yun He Shaam Dhale
Download Chor Kar Chali Ho Tum Kahan Jan-e-Jaan
Download Ek Mudat Sey Deewana Dill
Download Hai Beqarar Tamana Zara Teher Jao
Download Kho Gaya Najaney Kyun Mein Teri Nigahon Mai
Download Kho Gaye Tum Kahan Lut Gaye Hum Yahan
Download Kisi Ke Bechain Dil Ki Dharkan
Download Kiyoon Dilruba Hain Nazarey
Download Main Khushi Se Kuin Na Gaoon
Download Meri Zindagi Ke Raazdan
Download Mujhay Jaan Se Bhi Pyara Mehboob
Download Mujhay Piyar Se Jab Bhi Awaaz Do
Download Pyar Ki Rahon Mein Pehla Safar Hai
Download Qadmon Mein Rukh Ke Nigahon Ney Jhuk Ke
Download Saathi Kahan Ho Awaz Tu Do
Download Tum Ne Wada Kiya Tha Aanay Ka
Download Urta Howa Waqt Thaam Lo Saathi
Download Voh Mere Saamney Tasveer Baney
Download Voh Naqab-e-Rukh Ulat Kar
Download Zara Tum He Socho Bichar Ke Yeh
Download Zindagi Bhar Mujhey Aarzoo Thi Teri

Biography Pakistani Classical Music Singer Mujeeb Alam

Mujeeb Alam was born on 04 September 1948, in Kanpur India, he lived in the long shadow of profoundly effective Pakistani singers in the mid of 1960. Notwithstanding, soon he made his own way into the World  of Music. Basically he was an exceptionally great personality person he make friends easily. He likewise won a Nigar Award for a song about adoration for the mother, "Aai Maan Teri Soorat Kay Aagay" in Film Qulli.  This great Artist was died on 02 June 2004 in the age of 55

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