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Manjhi Faqeer Sindhi Sufi Music Singer
Manjhi Faqeer Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is most popular Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Lok Music, Sindhi Sufi Music, Singer.
He is great Sindhi singer and he sung in Sindhi, Saraiki and other languages.  Sindhi Singer Manjhi Faqeer is great Sufi Music Artist of Sindh, he created great name in Sindh Music.  He sung lot of great Sindhi Sufi Songs in village culture and feudal society of Sindh, with its rural base, its "Autaqs" and most important of all as far as the music is concerned, "Shrines" and "Peers and Faqeers". Manjhi Faqeer "Sindhi Topi Figure, Yaktaro, Chapri held aloft, steps onto the stage. Beside him is a smaller, younger man, several other "Saffron Robbed Faqeers" follow open roar of Manjhi Faqeer. He has sung lot of super hit Sindhi Sufi Kalam's and he called himself as great Sindhi Sufi Singer. Manjhi Faqeer is very famous and best name in Sindh’s cultural history drew towards a close and he is the greatest surviving Sindhi Music Artist.  I have selected below most popular Sindhi Classical Music of Manjhi Faqeer.

Manjhi Faqeer Sindhi Sufi Classical Music 
Download Ahad Abd Ahmed
Download Awhaan Ja Aashiq Hazar Ahin
Download Chin Tasbhi Chor Nimazan
Download Dhado Tha Piyo Piyo
Download Ea Na Kar Mehboob Too
Download Haq Maujood Sada Maujood
Download He Dunya
Download Hin Ishq Je Andaaz Khe
Download Jahen Ji Gola Tho Karen
Download Jahen Na Aap Sunjata
Download Jahn Ji Golhaa Tho Kareen
Download Ko Aa Rehman Je Paasay
Download Main Shah Hoon
Download Soorat Tohinji Saan Atham
Download Tere Ishq Mai Wafa Bhi Jafa Bhi
Download To Khi Allah Chawan Ya Bhagwan

Biography of Sindhi Sufi Music Singer Manjhi Faqeer

Manjhi Faqeer started singing style on "Yaktaro and Chapri" recognize him as a legendary Artist of Sindh and also he is very popular in abroad.  Manjhi Faqeer  grew up surrounded by the sounds of the Shrines and the Kalam's of the "Sufi poets" and took up the study and practice of Sindhi Sufi Music, Sindhi Folk Music, Classical Music. Manjhi Faqeer is very popular in all over Sindh, he sung in local TV Channels, such as KTN TV, Kashish TV, Sindh TV, and also local "Mehfils" in all over Sindh. He sung great songs and love with "Hazrat Sachal Sarmast R.A", "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A", "Hazrat Bedal Faqeer R.A", "Hazrat Manthar Faqeer R.A" and other popular Sindhi poets. His most popular song he sung on the shrine, "Haq Maujood Sada Maujood".

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