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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Suraiya Multanikar Pakistani Folk Music Singer

Suraiya Multanikar Pakistani Folk Music Singer
Suraiya Multanikar Pakistani Ghazals Singer. She is most popular Pakistani singer mostly known for her Folk Songs. She is famous and Master in Classical, Semi-classical, Ghazals, Folk songs and she sung Pakistani Filmi Music. She got lot of Awards and she got  Sitara-i-Imtiaz Award from President of Pakistan in 2008. Suraiya Multanikar was very popular in her great talent, and she is well known and famous among masses.  She enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry. Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts.She is one of the most famous Pakistani Singer and very famous due to her super hit songs, she is well versed in Pakistani Ghazals and Filmi Music, his super hit song was "Bare Be Murawwat Hain Yeh Husn Walay" and "Kahin Dil Laganey Ki Koshish Na Karna.
Suraiya Multanikar Pakistani Classical  Music
Download Achhi Surat Pe Ghazab Toot Ke
Download Bare Bemurrawat Hain
Download Bazicha Atfal Hai
Download Bhole Se Bhi Keh Do
Download Bus Ik Tu
Download Dil Ne Ye kesey Jana
Download Ghusey Ghsuey Rehnda
Download Khari Dendi Hans
Download Kuch na samajh Di
Download Langh Aaja Patan Chanah Da
Download Mahi Dia Nazan
Download Mera Dil Nahee Lagda
Download Mere Dholna Mere Meherban
Download Mere Qaboo Mai
Download More Angana Main
Download Najaria Kahe Milayi Sajaniya
Download Pyar Nal Pyara sajna
Download Sham ho Ghi
Download Tere Hon tery
Download Tum Bhi Khafa Ho Log Bhi Beraham

Biography Suraiya Multanikar Popular Pakistani Singer

Suraiya Multanikar was born on 1940  in Multan Pakistan. She is great Folk Music Singer, she created good name in Pakistan Music. She sung lot of Classical Music, Semi-Classical Music and Super Hit Ghazals and also she sung popular Filmi Songs. Suraiya Multanikar started singing in her Childhood age.  I have selected most popular Classical Music of  Suraiya Multanikar. 

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