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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gul Tari Khelvi Saraiki Folk Music Singer

Gul Tari Khelvi Saraiki Folk Music Singer
Gul Tari Khelvi Pakistani Saraiki Music Singer. He is great Punjabi Urdu, Saraiki Folk Music Artist and he create good name in Punjab Folk Music and Pakistani Classical Music.
He is very popular in all over Punjab and  Pakistan.  Gul Tari Khelvi   is most popular well known Saraiki Folk Artist and very famous in Pakistan Music and Traditionally Cultural Music. Saraiki Folk Music is very popular in all over Pakistan and all provinces of country. Punjab is famous about great Music, of  Sufi Poets and other popular poets of Punjabi and Saraiki language.  He sung love songs sad songs in local traditionally with his zeal and enthusiasm and  love with music and he put affects on spirit of every body who listen songs, specially  young culture like his Music. I have selected Super Hit most popular Music of  Gul Tari Khelvi.
Gul Tari Khelvi Pakistani Classical Music
Download Ajj Kala Jora Paa Sadi Farmaish Tey
Download Allah Sohnre Vekhoon Keda Sohnra Jora Aey
Download Dil Ka Kya Karein Sahib
Download Halaat Ijazat Nahi Dendey
Download Koi Ho Hovi Haa
Download Koi Mar Dey Ankhyaan Tey
Download Mahia Mahia
Download Mast Mast Dam Mast Mast
Download Mein Jo Tedhey Naal Aan
Download Neela Jora Paa Vey Jaani Neela Jora Paa
Download Saadey Eidaan Tey Kaprey
Download Saadha Sangtaa
Download Saadha Yaar Too Ni
Download Vey Thi Gaiey Vakhrey Vakhrey
Download Yaad Rakheen Saadhi

Biography Legendary Saraiki Lok Music Singer Gul Tari Khelvi

Gul Tari Khelvi has sung lot of super hit Saraiki and Punjabi songs cultural and traditional Music and we love his popular and Versatile Songs. Gul Tari Khelvi  is very  stylish in his singing master artistry, Lot of Music Albums released in Sairaiki and Punjabi language, specially he got popularity in all over Punjab. He sung in open Mehfils and other city to city and village to village and his songs are most famous in root area of Punjab and Saraiki District of Pakistan. 

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