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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hafiz Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani Islami Naats

Hafiz Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani most well known Pakistani Naat Khawan. He is in actuality one of the primary present Naat Khawan around the world. He is venerated over the world for his great sweet voice and his unique style of showing Naat Sharif to express the worship for our Consecrated Sacred Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. 
Hafiz Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani Islami Naats
He was seen and displayed to general society at a by no age. Various contentions coordinated in the midst of his understudy life, he had won the lot of Awards. He has furthermore appreciated national competitions in Pakistan where he had moreover won the principal prizes. He was most popular Naat Khawan and he was most popular on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television.
Hafiz Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani Pakistani Islami Naats
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Biography Pakistani Naat Khawan Hafiz Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani 

Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani was born in Lahore. His father Hakeen Manzoor Ahmad Hamdani was from Ludhiana. It was his father’s wish to make him Hafiz e Quran. His father was also a very passionate Naat Khawan and inspiration for him to be a Naat Khawan. In his childhood, he won All Pakistan Qirrat competition, but the fame he got, was from Naat Khawani. In 1967, he has applied for Radio Pakistan but rejected for the first time. But few months later, he got selected. And in the same year 1967, he appeared on the Pakistan Television. Marghoob Ahmad Hamdani has many followers all over the world, who praise him for his devotion to Naat Khawani and his melodious voice.

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