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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hooriya Rafique Popular Islami Naats

Hooriya Rafique is most outstanding Pakistani Naat Khawan. She is in reality one of the essential present Naat Khawan around the globe. She is loved over the world for her extraordinary sweet voice and she is one of a kind style of demonstrating Naat Sharif to express the love for our Blessed Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. She has been seen and shown to general society at a by no age. Different conflicts facilitated amidst her understudy life, she had won the lot of Awards. 
Hooriya Rafique Popular Islami Naats
She has besides refreshing National Rivalries in Pakistan where she had additionally won the central prizes. She is most famous Naat Khawan and she is most prominent on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan TV.
Hooriya Rafique Pakistani Islami Naats
Download Aaye Shah-e-Konain Aa
Download Ab Kahan Jaon Tarapta
Download Aey Sha-faye Umam
Download Allah Hoo Allah Hoo
Download Allah Hu Har Jagah Har Qadam
Download Bakht-e-Khabeeda Jaganay Ki
Download Bashir Kahiye Nazir Kahiy
Download Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah
Download Jalway Nalain Ke Naza
Download Kaabay Ki Rounaq
Download Kaabe Ke Badar-Ud-Dujja
Download Khalaq Ke Sarwar Shafa-e-Mehshar
Download Kiya Hongay Huzoor
Download Lam Yaati Nazir
Download Lau La Kalma Khalqat
Download Madinay Diyan Pak Galiyan
Download Madinay Qafilay Jaata
Download Meethha Meethha Hai Mere
Download Naam-e-Muhammad Sallay Ala
Download Qadira Sarwara Rahnum
Download Qaseeda Burda Sharif
Download Rok Leti Hai aap Ki Nisbat
Download Saiyydi Saiyyadi Mustafa
Download Sanu Apne Kaul Bulala
Download Shayn Al Lillah Ya Abdul Qadir
Download Tumhara Naam Musibat Mein Jab
Download Tumhare Daaman Se Nisbaten Hain
Download Ya Elahi Har Jagah Teri Atta Ka
Download Ya Khuwaja Moin Zahra Ke Haseen
Download Ya Nabi Dekha Ye Rutba
Download Ya Rab Meri Soyee Hue
Download Ya Shafi-ul-Wara Sala
Download Ya Shafi-ul-Wara
Download Zahe Izzat O Aitlaye Muhammad

Biography Pakistani Naat Khawan Hooriya Rafique 

Hooriya Rafiq Qadri one of the most popular Naat Khawans of Pakistan. She has heartfelt and noteworthy voice that is extolled by masses. She has an amazing identity and earned gigantic prominence and regard all over Pakistan due to her special style of Naat recitation. A portion of the well known Hooriya Rafiq Qadri Naats incorporate "Yaa Rabi Allah", "Yaa Ghous", "Moula Ao Noise Vi Aaye" and "Milad Un Nabi Laya Hai" to give some examples. 

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