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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Umm-e-Habiba Pakistani Naat Khawan

Umm-e-Habiba Renowned Pakistani Naat Khawan. She is great Naat Khawan of Pakistan and she performed well with his nice voice. She is actuality one of the most famous Naat Khawan and most popular in Pakistan and also in around the world. She create great name in the world for her great sweet voice and her unique style of showing Naat Sharif to express in the admire of  our  sacred Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. 
Umm-e-Habiba Pakistani Naat Khawan

She is  most popular and she recites Naat Sharif and displayed to general society at a by no age. She has won the lot of Awards. She has furthermore appreciated national competitions in Pakistan where she had moreover won the principal prizes and she is first female Naat Recitation. She is most popular Naat Khawan and she is most popular on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television.
Umm-e-Habiba Pakistani Islami Naats
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Download Khaliq-e-Qayoom
Download Madina Hai
Download Mustafa Mujtaba
Download Nabi Nabi Nabi Nabi
Download Shahe Lo Lak Ho
Download Tum Par Main

Biography Pakistani Naat Khawan Umm-e-Habiba 

Umm-e-Habiba was born in Karachi Pakistan and she settled in Chicago USA and she got training from her father, Qari Fakhrul Hasan Rizvi, in the field of Qiratt and Naat recitation. She has beautiful voice of Pakistan's first female Naat Khwan. Umm-e- Habiba recites lot of great Naats her popular Naat "Kabay Pe Pari Jab Pehli Nazar" is still most popular in all over the World.  She has traveled across the world to spread her breath-taking voice and create great name in recites of Naat Sharif. 

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