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Friday, June 1, 2018

Alhaj Khurshid Ahmed Pakistani Naat Khawan

Alhaj Khurshid Ahmed most popular Pakistani Islami Naat Khawan. He was introduced by Mr. Mehdi Zaheer and acquainted him with Radio Pakistan as a Naat Khawan and he began recounting Naats in 1968. In 1978, Pakistan TV held a Naat rivalry out of the blue and he secured First Position there, as well. At to begin with, the opposition was held at Sindh area level and after that at Pakistan level. 
Alhaj Khurshid Ahmed Pakistani Naat Khawan
He took first positions in both the rivalries all the while. His most well known Naat among the general population and the one which quickened his notoriety was "Zameen-o-Zaman Tumhare Liye". The Naat "Yeh Sab Tumhara Karam Hai Aaqa" was enjoyed especially in Pakistan as well as everywhere throughout the world. In the wake of presenting this Naat, he turned out to be much more famous among the general population of Pakistan. Then he went ahead to discussing Naats in Pakistan as well as nearly in each nation wherever Muslims lived.
Alhaj Khurshid Ahmed Pakistani Islami Naats
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Biography Pakistani Naat Khawan Khurshid Ahmed  

Alhaj Khurshid Ahmed was born on 01 January 1956 in Rahim Yar Khan. He began to recite Naats when he was just a couple of years old, and when of his passing he had recounted a great many Naats. He used to capably recite Naats in Urdu, as well as in different dialects, for example, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto and Sindhi. The Naats of his voice and the interesting method for discussing pulled in various individuals towards him and soon he had turned into a well known Naat Khawan of the World.

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