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How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips

By this useful tutorial I guide you that how to make delicious dishes to use meat on Eid Festival at your home. Sausages are tall and thin contained pieces of meat like view Belen meat. They are prepared with a variety of meat and finely chopped chicken. Various spices are used in their preparation, which make them very delicious. 
How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips
Women are ready to make different dishes of meat in the house on Eid Festival. Most people want to get rid of traditional dishes and eat some dishes for them, they will be very good. Traditionally, sausage is a way of preserving food. Various foods made by Sausages are considered for breakfast. Otherwise, a variety of dishes like Sausages make fun at any time. Many dishes from Sausages such as sandwich, pepper, kebab, Pizza and various sildes can be made. Conscious dishes can be prepared at a home-based. Attract the recipes of soybean dishes from Sausages.

How to Prepare Hot Dog Dish

Ingredients: The long been 04 number, Sausage 4 number, Ketchup 04 number tea spoon, Mayonnaise 04 number tea spoon, Paste mastered, 04 number table spoon, Cheese Slice 04 number, butter as per need.
How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips

Synthesis: Chicken Sausages packing off lightly in butter-fried to begin. Become in between a cut from felt and let the inside of the Mustered paste and Mayonnaise felt. Become between the main Sausages to be the top of the object slice by placing the bin, turn off it. If you want something from the first catch-up apply together in French Fries.

How to Prepare Macaroni and Chicken Sausage

Ingredients: Sausage 04 Number, Salt flavored, Pepper chopped. 02 teaspoon, White Pepper 02 teaspoon, Macaroni (Acne) 02 cup, Butter 02 meal spoon, Maida 02 meal spoon, Milk 02 Mili liter, Cheeder Cheeze, 01 quarter of the Cup, Mazarela Cheeze 01quarter of the Cup, Paar Meezon 01 quarter cup, Cream Cheeze half cup, and garnished Parcele.
How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips
Synthesis: Make Macaroni boil with the instructions on the packet. Cut slice and cut out of the Sausage packet. Now heat the butter in a Pan, add a mixture Maida to it and cook it for a minute. Now put milk it and shake it with a spoon. If you start boiling, reduce the “Aanch” Fire and cook it for two minutes. Now add salt, pepper, white pepper and mix it well. Now reduce “Aanch” Fire and mix well with Cream Cheeze, Cheeder Cheeze, Mazreela Cheeze, now mix it Paar Meezan Cheeze.Then put the boiled Macaroni in it. Now cook it for one to two minutes. After that surface by garnish with Parcele.

How to Prepare Hot Chicken Sausage Sandwich

Ingredients: Chicken Sausage 06 numbers, Bread Roll ( for Sandwich), 06 number, Oil for Fry, Mayonnaise as per needed, Chili Catch up as per needed, Chili Garlic Sos as per needed, Mustered 30gm, Onion (in shape of color) 03 numbers, Vinegar 50gm, Pepper Powder a pinch, Tomato 02 numbers, Some Salad leaf, Cucumber 01 Number, Salt a pinch.
How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips

Synthesis: Put onions in vinegar in a Frying Pan and cover the Pan. When the onions go out, take it out in a bowl. Now heat the Pan and put it Sausage and fry it. When they become brown, take them out in a dish. Now cut a bread roll from center to a Sausage. Then put on top mustered paste, Chili Garlic Sos, Mayonnaise, Cucumber, Black Pepper Powder, Salt and Vinegar onions. Put Mayonnaise again and put chili catch up on top of it and then put tomato and salad leaves and turn off the bread roll. Finally delicious hot chicken Sausage sandwiches are ready.

How to Prepare Sausage Kabebab

Ingredients: Boneless Beef half kg, Egg 01 Number, Fine chopped onion 01 number, Bread Slice 03 number, Chopped Green Pepper 03 number, Water half cup, grid red pepper 01 tea spoon, White Cumin 01 tea spoon, Ginger Garlic paste 01 teaspoon, Salt 01 teaspoon, Hot spice half tea spoon, Chopped green coriander 02 meal spoon, Hot oil 02 meal spoon, Basin 04 meal spoon.
How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips

Synthesis: Boneless beef boiled, ginger garlic paste and water as needed, even water becomes dry and the meat becomes flurry. Now grab the meat and cool it in a machine. Mix it well by mixing 03 number sprouted bread slices, basin, white cumin, salt, grid red pepper, hot grid spice, chopped green pepper, chopped green coriander, chopped kitty onion, egg and hot oil. Now make Sausage Kabebab and dip in hot oil and fry it.

How to Prepare Sausage and Pepper Rice

Ingredients: Boiled rice 01 and half cup, Olive oil 01 meal spoon, Sausage 05 numbers, Capsicum Pepper (red, yellow, green) half cup, Onion 01 number, Garlic chop, Salt as per needed, chopped green chilli 02 teaspoon, White pepper half tea spoon, Tomato paste 03 meal spoon, Water cup fourth, Stok chicken 01 number, Pepper Yaka 01 number, Chile powder ½ teaspoon. 
How to Make New Dishes to Use Meat on Eid Festival- Food Tips
Synthesis: Put water and rice in a vessel until it reaches three-quarter parts. Take a oil in one separate vessel, put a garlic and onion and swallow it for four to five minutes Now add salt, pepper, white pepper and cook it for a minute. Now add tomato Paste, water, Pepper Yaka powder, Chile powder, Capsicum pepper and mix well. Now cook it for a minute. Now mix stok chicken in it. Now fry to Sausage slice and cut it. Finally add boiled rice and Sausage slice and mix it well. 

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