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Aamir Saleem – 100% Free Best Punjabi Folk Music Download


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Aamir Saleem - 100% Free Best Punjabi Folk Music Download

Aamir Saleem Punjabi Folk Music Singer Biography

Aamir Saleem Punjabi Folk Music Singer.  He is very famous Pakistani Artist and he sung lot of great Punjabi Urdu Folk Music, Classical Music, Pakistani Pop Music. He was most popular Pop Music Singer. In tenure of 1991 he sung lot of super hit songs such as  “Woh Taron Bhari”  and “C.B. Chali Ana”. 

He is great Pakistani Music Singer of Pakistan and he also performed well in 1993 and released his hit Album “Ajnabi”. He hosted live show on FM 107 (arachi and hosting a live show on PTV National. 

He also directed lot of videos and also Road Shows with famous Anchor Ali Salman on MTV Pakistan with the name of Bad Company. Aamir  Saleem was the Artist of the first title song for popular comedy TV program “Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain”. He has also acted in  Tele Film “Daira” by GEO Channel. I have selected most popular Music of Aamir Saleem.

Aamir Saleem Punjabi Pop Music Download
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Download Aseen Apnay Aap
Download Chhalla
Download Dholna
Download Dil Da Quater
Download Ishiq
Download Kadan Walso
Download Kaghazon Pe
Download Majboori
Download Piyar Ker Kay
Download Piyar
Download Rannu
Download Tell Me
Download Teri Sajna
Download Vichoray
Download Wah Karai
Download Wah Karari
Download Walayat Tur
He shaped his first music band with the name “Image”, his closest companion Naveed Mugees was on guitar and Alim Arshid was on console. He used to sing with various groups to profit and record his first solo collection that took three years to complete. 
Aamir Saleem  was born on 01 January 1970 in Multan, Pakistan. He is famous Pop Singer of Pakistan and he create great name in Punjab Folk Music. He  is popular Pakistani Musician, Composer, Songwriter and Pop Music, Folk Music Singer.

He started singing in his early age in time of his schooling. In 1987, he moved to Karachi and started singing with different bands. He purchased his first guitar in the wake of working in an inn as a secretary in summer occasions.

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