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Abdul Rahim Mirani – Best 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

Abdul Rahim Mirani - Best 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

Abdul Rahim Mirani Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He was a great Sindhi Music Artist and he has sung in Sindhi and Saraiki languages. He was sung most surely understood “Sindhi Kaafis” and Sindhi Arfana Kalaams, and great songs in Sindhi Dialect.

Abdul Rahim Mirani was sung Sindhi Cultural Music, Sindhi old smooth Sindhi Folk Music, he has sung poetry of Sindhi poets phenomenally he sang poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A,  and others. Sindhi Classical Mousiqui Master Abdul Rahim Mirani was an unfathomable Artist of Sindhi Folk Music.  
Abdul Rahim Mirani had sung songs describing storytelling Hit songs. He was performed in Sindhi Society Music and his music dispersed from one town to the next town. He is giving performances and presentations to provincial and private groups with gatherings of spectators. I have picked up below most standard Sindhi Songs of most super hit Artist  Abdul Rahim Mirani.


Abdul Rahim Mirani – Sindhi Folk Music Free Download
Download Ajj Aayo Muhinje
Download Anja Aasro Dil Mein
Download Biya Suhna Duniya Mein
Download Chalo Pahjo
Download Dass Kehrey Sabab Suhna
Download Dewano Aa Dewanoi
Download Ditham Deedar Dilber Jo
Download Hiton Yaar Suhna
Download Kahyun Chalo Pahjo
Download Kai Moo San Dagha Thai
Download Khani Diyo Wago
Download Lagey He Ser Tu Saan
Download Mitha Yaar Manthar Kayo
Download Muhinja Suhna Saaen
Download Muhinjey Bakhtan Keen
Download Sindh Jo Jamalo
Download Sindhri Shall Pai Jiyeni
Download Siwa Tuhinjey Yaar Jani
Download Suhna Moor Galhyon Khor
Download Suhna Suhna Dildaar



Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Abdul Rahim Mirani

Abdul Rahim Mirani was the astoundingly unimaginable name in Sindh Music. He has sung Sindhi Lok Music with capably and his magnificent sweet steady and remarkably in a new style, he was Artist of Sindhi Music. 
He sung hit songs with extraordinary melodic Strategies. What an ability Artist Abdul Rahim Mirani, untouched gathering of people individuals like his best Sindhi Classical Music. He was especially a standard Music Artist and his songs are mostly listening to all over Sindh. 
His singing style occurs in a live setting, perhaps at an outside Mehfis in “Aotaq” and he played furthermore in Mela and wedding functions. He introduced Sindhi Society Music playing a new style in Sindh, his songs with a spot of radiantly instructive.

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