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Abdullah Panhwar – 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download

Renowned Sindh Music Artist Abdullah Panhwar very famous singer, he was one of Sindh’s most well-known Old Sindhi Classical Music and Sindhi Folk Music Singers. Abdullah Panhwar was a renowned Sindhi classical music singer who performed super-hit songs in the Sindhi language.

His music was well-liked throughout Sindh. Abdullah Panhwar, a Sindhi artist, has established a strong reputation in Sindh music. In Sindh and Pakistan, Abdullah Panhwar played a significant part in the development of popular Sindhi folk music and Sindhi cultural music. He added to the body of classical music written in Sindhi and mesmerized audiences with his excellent skills.

Abdullah Panhwar - 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download

The “Ustad” of Sindhi Classical Mousiqui was Abdullah Panhwar. A Master Artist, he was referred to as the “Sindhi Folk Mausiqui”. Many hearts have found comfort in his soulful performance, which was a divine gift.

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Abdullah Panhwar, a singer of Sindhi folk music, Biography

Sindhi Classical Music Artist Abdulah Panhwar was born on 1st February 1937, in District Thatta Sindh, his father’s name was Haji Suleman, and he was singing in  Yaktaro and Gharo. Abdullah Panhwar got musical training from his father and he started singing in his childhood.

Abdullah Panhwar has sung their first musical concert in the public in 1948, he got an award to sing the Sindhi song “Perrin Pawandi Saan, Chwandi Saan Rahi Wanj Raat Bhambore Mai” in this Mehfil and people praise his singing style. After that, he attended musical concerts in School and the Marriage and other Mehfils.

Abdullah Panhwar got his Primary Education from Mirza Adam School Near Bakra Piri, Layari and he passed  Matriculation he got his education from different Schools in Karachi

Abdullah Panhwar Musical Career and Performance

The leader of Sindh University Karachi Dr. Ayaz Hsusain Qadri introduce him, to the world of Music and he remained a School Teacher for 03 years. Abdullah Panwar started singing on Radio Pakistan in 1962 and he has introduced on Radio through Station Director and Producer Khawaja Imdad Ali.

Abdullah Panwar was introduced by Abdul Karim Baloch on Pakistan Television Sindhi Programs and sang great songs in  Gujrat, Sindhi Saraiki, and other languages.  He sang in foreign countries, such as Abu Dhabi, India, and Iran.

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He sang the Sindhi Movie song, “Vechary Maa”, the songs of this movie were very popular and likes and called Ustad to Muhammad Ibrahim, and he liked Mai Bhagi, and Muhamamd Juamn also. At present he is settled at Kumbar Wara Layari Karachi, he is a very noble person and Dervasih-minded person.

Abdullah Panhwar Musical Awards and his Character in Sindhi Music

He got Sindh Baloch Talent Award in 1976 and he gave musical training to his musical students Abdullah Kachhi, Gul Bano, Moula Bux Laasi, and others, this Sindhi Legendary Artist has one daughter and one son.

He was one of the few classical musicians who made a marginal contribution to the history of popular classical music. Through Sindhi music, his vocal style is accessible to a wider audience. People appreciate his nice voice and fantastic storytelling music.

Abdullah Panhwar and Sindhi Musical History 

He is well-known, and many exceptional traditional musicians from Sindh have used him. The melodic half-and-half marvel has been played since 1948 by musicians like Sindhi Mousiqui, Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim, Ustad Muhammad Juman, and Abdullah Panhwar made significant contributions to the history of Sindhi Classical music.

Abdullah Panhwar also came up with “Sindhi Kaafis” in addition to “Sindhi Kalam.” It was used to hypnotize, transfix, and transport listeners to other planets through the divine Sindhi Sufi Kalam. All the traditional Sindhi songs often referred to as “Sufi Songs” written by the great Sindhi poets Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A. and others have been performed by him.

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