Abdullah Sana Baloch | Balochi Folk Songs Download


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Abdullah Sana Baloch | Balochi Folk Songs Download

Abdullah Sana Baloch Balochi Folk Music Singer Biography

Abdullah Sana Baloch Famous Balochi Music Singer. He is very popular Balochi Music Artist,  he create great name in Balochi Music and Pakistan Music. He is is one of the most popular Singer of  Baluchistan young culture.

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He has sung lot of Balochi Gane in his own style, in Balochi language and he is most quite popular through Baluchistan, he  has sung Classical Music, Folk Music and he  is well known for his unique style in Balochi  new Cultural Music. 

The young society of Baloch like  his popular Music such  as  “Dil Mahe Proshta”, and “Kaha Dar Shanthe” and also other hit Balochi Songs, he  is most popular and  famous and most listened singer in Baluchistan. 

He enriched the world of Music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry. His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many a hearts. His rendering of Balochi Music Audio was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world.  

Abdullah Sana Baloch Balochi Folk Songs Download
Download Baree Che Che Dil
Download Barien Zamanagee Aosta
Download Dard-e-Nazorken
Download Dil Mahe Proshta
Download Dordang O Dordanag
Download Ey Zindagi Pa Housh O Hinan Beeth
Download Go Kaha Dar Shan
Download Goolaa Handeem Makaa
Download Goonjani Tooli
Download Guman Wala Zulmi Kota
Download Jalwa Jalwaa Mahe Wadaen
Download Jungle Kungal Beel
Download Koosshan Malaag Yal Daata
Download Maha Pilly Noodaa
Download Man Hirana Man Parishana
Download Man Na Ra Kech Yad Kayte
Download Mani Dil Najant Parto
Download Nugrahien Deema Dara Kah
Download Pada Baloch Pada Baloch
Download Polaani-e-Dele Teraane
Download Rang Jata Cho
Download Roch Wati Wahda Ma Wati Wahda
Download Tai Ahaage Wadaaren
Download Tao Sambhal Goshana
Download Tara Taraa Man Bazaraa
Abdullah Sana Baloch from Turbat Baluchistan Pakistan. The Balochi Music is very famous in Sorna and Dhol are being played in boulevards to tell the general population that a marriage will be held. It is the snapshot of unadulterated culture and eminence of Balochi Music. 

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You may have perused the article “Balochi wedding”, which alludes to Qilla in which Lady of the hour is kept avoided individuals with the exception of the general population near her. This is the ideal opportunity for her to deal with herself and eat well. 

Discussing Qilla in respect of Pakistani Balochi Song let us disclose to you that a music plan is additionally there for shrouded lady of the hour. I have selected below most popular Music of Abdullah Sana Baloch.


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