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Abida Parveen – 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download

Abida Parveen is a very famous  Kafi Music singer of Sindh, she has sung Sufi Kalam, Sindhi Folk Music and also she is very expert and master in Classical Music.  The Sindhi Kafi is an indigenous melodic type of Sindh word Kafi, is of Arabic tenure, utilized in the feeling of “last” or “enough” in the articulation “Allah Kafi”.

Abida Parveen - 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download

Abida Parveen has sung the Sindhi Classical Music aggregations of Shah Jo Risalo by Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (R.A) incorporating 30 Surs which are sung as Raags.  Abida Parveen has led her away from Kafis and towards the Geet, the Ghazal, classical music,  semi-classical, and folk songs she has sung in various languages.  

Sindhi Classical Music Singer Abida Parveen Biography

Abida Parveen was born in 1954 in Ali Goharabad in Larkana Sindh Pakistan. She was trained by her father Ghulam Hyder who was a famous singer and Music Teacher.  Abida Parveen started singing in her childhood and she is called Sufi Music Artist, Composer, and Musician. 

Best Sindhi Sufi Music Songs: Dhol Faqeer, Sadiq Faqeer, Seengar Ali Saleem

Her singing and music have earned her a great name and she has been called the “Queen of Sufi Music”. She has sung Sindhi Folk Music with a great style of different Sur Sangeet and she has sung to a lot of Sindhi poets especially singing poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A, and others. 

Abida Parveen started performing on the universally acclaimed Pakistani show Coke Studio in 2010. She sang three songs: “Ramooz-e-Ishq”, “Nigah-e-Darwaishaan”, and “Soz-e-Ishq” in scenes 1 (Reason), 3 (Conception), and 5 (Realization), individually of season 3.

How to Download Popular Abida Parveen Classical Music Songs?

I have selected mixed Abida Parveen classical music and hit songs, you can download it easily with one click only free music it is a direct link. Following free music songs are very popular and famous, such as Sindhi Folk Music, Punjabi Songs, and other Sufiana Kalam.

Following free music songs are very popular and famous, such as Sindhi Folk Music, Punjabi Songs, and other Sufiana Kalam. 

Abida Parveen- Best Sindhi Sufi Music Download

Aandhi Chali Download
Aaya Mela Sakhi Shahbaz Da Download
Ali Maula Download
Allah Hik Hai Download
Are Logo Tumhara Kiya Download
Asaan Ishq Nemaaz Download
Aya Sehwan Neray Aya Download
Chali Re Saniyan Download
Chalo Ke Deep Jalaain Dar Qalander Download
Dama Dam Ya Ali Download
Daman Lagi Aaa Download
Dhondo Ge Agar Download
Ghoom Charkhara Download
Ghoonghat Ohlay Na Luk Sajjnan Download
Ghund Khol Deedar Vekhao Download
Her So Ali Ali Download
Ho Jamalo Download
Jab Se Tou Ne Mujhe Deewana Download
Jeeway Saanyan Download
Jo Rang Rangeya Download
Kithe Meher Ali Kithe Tere Sana Download
Lagi Walian Nooon Download
Lal Da Sehra Mein Gawan Download
Lal Shahbaz ki Chader Download
Mahi Yaar Di Gharoli Bhardi Download
Main Bhi Jhok Ranjhan Di Jaana Download
Mast Qalandar Download
Meda Dil Ranjhan Rawal Download
Mehndi Murshid Lal Di Mehndi Download
Mein Mangti Moula Ali De Download
Menda Ishq Download
Mera Ruthra Yaar Download
Meri Hazri Qabool Karain Download
Naina Mila Ke Download
Nangra Inmani Da Geween Teun Palna Download
Parchan San Pehlwar Download
Pehran Pondi San Download
Sade Vehre Aaya Kar Download
Saiyan Saiyan Meriyan Soniyan Download
Shahe Mardan Sherye Yazdan Download
Sun Baat Barh De Kahi Download
Tere Ishq Mein Daloon Dhamal Download
Tere Ishq Nachaya Karkay Thaiya Download

Abida Parveen Honours and Awards in Classical Music History

  • Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitthai Award two times.
  • Sindh Graduate Association Award.
  • Pakistan Television Award.
  • Sachal Sarmast Honor.
  • Sitara-e-Imtiaz Award 2005 by President Pervez Musharaf.
  • Hilal-e-Imtiaz Award 2012 by President Asif Ali Zardari.
  • Pride of Performance Award 1984 by the President of Pakistan.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kaladharmi Begum Akhtar Academy of Ghazal in India 2012.
  • Honored at the 16th Pakistan Television Awards Ceremony-PTV Award.
  • Nominated for Best Original Sound Track for Yaar Ko Hamne Jabaja Dekha at 12th Lux Style Awards 2013.
    Wonder Woman of the Year 2013.
  • 1st ARY Film Awards for Best Playback Singer for the film Ishq Khuda 2014.
  • Gold Crown on glorious 40 years in the Music Industry by the Sindhi Singers Association in Larkana 2014.
  • Pakistani Diplomat Javed Malik presented an Ambassador’s Recognition Award in Dubai in 2015.

My Views About Classical Music of Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen had just started performing at Dargahs and Urs in the mid of 1970, yet it was in 1973, on Radio Pakistan, that she accomplished her first genuine leap forward with the Sindhi songs “Tuhinje Zulfan jay band Kamand Widha”.

In 1977 she was presented as an official artist on Radio Pakistan. From that point forward, she has ascended to noticeable quality and is presently viewed as one of the best classical music artists in Pakistan. She has pervaded Sufi Music with another character, denoting the start of this voyage at Sultana Siddiqui’s Awaz-o-Andaz in 1980.

Parveen ventures globally, regularly performing at sold-out scenes. Her 1988 presentation in Chicago was recorded by the Hazrat Amir Khusrau Society of Art and Culture, which gave an LP of her songs.  She is a very popular singer in Sufi Kalam of Sindh and she performed all over the world she is the most demanded Classical Music Artist in the World.  

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