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Ahmed Rushdi – 100% Free Pakistani Filmi Songs, Download



Ahmed Rushdi - 100% Free Pakistani Filmi Songs, Download

Ahmed Rushdi was the most popular Legendary Pakistani Filmi Music Artist. He was a great Singer in the Pakistan Film Industry. Ahmed Rushdi sang a lot of great songs and he sang super hit songs in different languages he was a master of Pakistani Pop Music
Pakistani people like the songs of Ahmed Rushdi, who was a famous pop star of Pakistan, his songs, especially in Pakistani Films, remained hit on Waheed Murad, Muhammad Ali, Nadeem, and other Super Stars of the Pakistani Filmi Industry. His singing style of Music called him a Master of Pop Music.  
Ahmed Rushdi was a great legendary Singer of Lollywood songs, he created a great name in Pakistani Folk Music. He was great Music Singer of Pakistani songs, and he got a lot of Awards in his carrier, in 2003,  after 20 years of his death, he got Award Sitara-e-Imtiaz, from the President of Pakistan an honor given for distinguished merit in the fields of literature, Arts, Sports, Medicine, or Science. I have selected the below Music from Ahmed Rushdi.


Ahmed Rushdi – Pakistani  Filmi Pop Music  Free Download
Download Aaj Iss Shaher Mai
Download Ae Abre Karam
Download Aise Bhi Hain Meharban
Download Akele Na Jana
Download Awaz De Awaz De
Download Aye Baharo Gawah Rehna
Download Bhooli Huwai Hoon Dastan
Download Chhor Chale Hum Chhor Chale
Download Dil Nahi Tu Koi Shesha
Download Dunya Kay Ghamoon Ko
Download Ha Ise Maur Per Se Jage
Download Jab Piyar Mai Do Dil
Download Kabhi Tu Tum Ko Yaad Aengay
Download Kisi Chaman Mai Roho
Download Kiya Hai Jo Piyar Tu Paray Ga Nibhana
Download Ko Ko Korina
Download Kuchh Log Roth Ker Bhi Lagtay Kitne Piyare
Download Lab Pe Tera Naam
Download Mai Piyar Ki Baazi Har Chala
Download Manzil Apni Dour Ho Sathi
Download Piyar Mai Hum Ne Khae
Download Tuhmain Kaisi Bata Doon Tum Mere Manzil Ho
Download Tujhay Apni Dil Se Mai
Download Tumhe Ko Mubarak Ho Dosto
Download Ye Ada Ye Naz Ye Andaz Aap Ka


Biography of Legendary Pakistani Singer Ahmed Rushi


Ahmed Rushdi was born on 24 April 1934 in Hyderabad Dakkan. He was a great versatile Pakistani Hit Singer and he was an important contributor to the Golden Age of Pakistani Filmi Songs. He was best known for his distinctive, melodious, powerful voice, and complex and dark emotional expressions.
Which led many critics to state his voice as the greatest and most distinctive they had ever heard. He was very popular and the first Pop Music Singer in Asia, his Pop Song, “Ko Ko Korina” in the “Film Armaan” was a super hit song.  This great singer died on 11 April 1983. 


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