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Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music Singer Akram Rahi Biography

Akram Rahi Punjab Folk Music Singer. He is most popular Punjabi Pakistani Classical Music Artist, he is great Folk Music  Artist. He has sung lot of great songs in Punjabi, Urdu and Saraiki language and he create great name in Punjab Songs. He is very popular in all over Punjab as a singer of Sad Music songs, due to sad lyrics he has gotten lot of fans in Punjab. 

Specially Punjab Music is very popular in all over the world, Punjab Folklore is famous about Sufi Music, Arfana Kalam and also Sufi poets are very popular. Akram Rahi has sung lot of great songs and we love his popular songs every time, he sung  music in local Punjabi language. 
He sung in open Mehfils, Mela, Marriage ceremonies and  city to city and village to village. An expansive piece of Punjabi society songs shows the photo of episodes from birth to death relations, relatives additionally including the songs on different events, celebrations and fairs. 

The Punjabi songs by ladies speaks to their delicate sentiments, nature, leisure activities and lower societal position in constrained circle while the folk songs  by men speaks to their flexibility, quality and dedicated. I have selected below Super Hit most popular Music of  Akram Rahi. 

Akram Rahi Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music Songs Download
Download Akh Mastani Yaar Di
Download Assan Naio Hona
Download Assen Kisi De Kuchh Nahi Lagdi
Download Bewass Si Jandi Wari
Download Chori Hogai Chori
Download Dila Hun Ro Na
Download Gal Wich Pa Ke
Download Kalhe Beh Ke
Download Kurti Mal Mal Di
Download Mehindi Shagna Di
Download Piyar De Maamalay Ch
Download Rahi Rahwan Ch Khalo Ke
Download Roway Te Bulawe Mera Piyar Ne
Download Tai Nu Takya Te
Download Tur Gaye Ne Sajjan
Download Zindagi De Sukhan Nu


Akram Rahi from West Punjab. he has sung Punjabi Music Gane with zea and enthusiasm. The Punjabi Cultural songs begins from the introduction of a youngster at that point name service, marriage, relations, relatives and substantially more. 
There are numerous songs on the distinctive phases of a marriage like Suhag, Ghorhian, Sehra, Sithnian. Suhag is identified with lady while Ghorhian and Sehra are identified with prepare. 
A little girl’s emotions have an uncommon place in the Punjabi society songs in which she deliver to his dad requesting to discover her a superior home, great individuals in-laws and some more. Akram Rahi sung Memorable Punjabi Super Hit Classical Semi-Classical Music

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