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Alam Lohar – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

Alam Lohar, is the most well known Pakistani, and Punjabi Sufi Music artist he is an incredibly acclaimed singer of Punjab Pakistan, he had sung hit songs such as folk music, for example, he sang a song “Mahiye” was particularly standard and another song “Wajan Mariyan Bulaya” an ordinarily has part of the music and now moved in various parts of Punjab and various countries.

Alam Lohar - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

Punjab Folk Music is identified with a standard lifestyle and culture, a fundamental number of the subjects identified with the tunes solidify the advancement of the Punjabi society, for instance, the hit music system moreover as superstitious suppositions in Sufi Folk songs.
The overall population beginnings with Dhadi sort complements records of valor and thoughtful stories, as exemplified by the different tunes of the amazing nostalgic records of “Sassi Di Jawani” was sung by Alam Lohar and also, folk songs are in a like way expectedly used in various life cycle events in the Punjab region.
In every practical sense each wedding capacities family members, sidekicks, and expert people singers Punjabi Music, the artists perform unmistakable hit tunes society tunes that utilization subjects from a nostalgic past, yet give subjects of division, delight, and need in the present.

Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music Singer Alam Lohar Biography

Alam Lohar Punjabi Folk Music Singer was born in 1928 in Achh, near the village in Kharian Tehsil, District Gujrat Punjab and born into a family of blacksmiths. He was the most popular Pakistani Classical Music and Folk Punjabi Music artist. 
He had sung Pakistani Punjabi Sufi Songs and his super hit songs were famous in different languages such as Punjabi, Saraiki, Urdu language and he was the most demanded and best Punjabi Music Singer and he created a good name in Punjab Folk Music. 
Alam Lohar developed a new style of singing storytelling Music in the history of  Punjabi Folk Music, which made him popular when he toured villages and towns in the Punjab region. He was famous for his rendition of Jugni Punjabi song with other songs such as Qissa Hirni.
He recorded his first album at the age of 13 and has outsold all other singers in Pakistan at the time, his popular albums such as “Jugni“, “Bol Mitti De Baweya“, “Wajan Mariyan Bulaya“, “Saif-ul-Malook“, “Dil Wala Dukhra” and “Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander R.A Dhamaal” and also he has sung Pakistani Classical Music in his childhood with Punjabi stories and poetry. 
He recites Punjabi stories and participates as a young child in local elderly gatherings expressing a vocal-only art form in reading passages of great poets, he breathes his last in road accident near Sham Ki Bhattian on 03 July 1979.

How to download Pakistani and Punjabi Music Singer Alam Lohar Songs?

Alam Lohar began singing to Punjabi Folk Music songs and to keep the music of Punjab very famous such as Sufi Music of Punjab. I have chosen beneath the most popular super hit Pakistani Punjabi songs of Alam Lohar you can download it with a single click.
Download Awal Allah
Download Ashiq Mer Mer Ja
Download Assan Hun Tur Jana
Download Ai Sultan Hussain Di Nagri
Download Aagay Hoke Dawood Ne
Download Boli Akber Badshah
Download Bhabhiyan Ne Haal
Download Beperwah Nu Dil Deke
Download Bagh Lawana Baghicha
Download Bagh Baharan Te
Download Chater Chithi Utha Ke Meet Mera
Download Chambe De Booti
Download Dulhe Nu Jaman Waliye
Download Ek Roz Niyaz
Download England Di Jugni
Download Jiyun Ker Khawaja
Download Lai Beqadran Naal Yaari
Download Pinjray Pa Lai Sher
Download Rehmat Da Derwaza
Download Totya
Download Wah Rangia Tere Rang
Download Way Din Charmey Te
Download Wajan Mariyan Bulaya


Which are the best famous Songs and Sufi Music of Alam Lohar?

Alam Lohar is most popular Punjabi Classical Music and Folk Music Artist of Pakistan, he had sung many hit songs, from which songs are the best music are accessible online you can download from above rundown from Media Music Mania.
  1. O Dil Wala Dukhra
  2. Jugni
  3. Wajan Mariyan Bulaya
  4. Bol Mitti Deya Bawa Ya
  5. Mirza
  6. Qissa Yusaf Zulaikha
  7. Mirza Jatt
  8. Saari Raat
  9. Qissa Hirni
  10. Dil Wala Dukhda
  11. Dil Wala Dukhra Naeen
  12. Mahiye
  13. Assan hun tur jana
  14. Allah Bismillah Teri Jugni
  15. Sassi Di Jawani
  16. Qissa Karbala
  17. Saif-Ul-Muluk
  18. Ohle Ohle Has Ke Nazara
  19. Maa Da Piyar
  20. Awwal Nam Allah Da Layeey
  21. Bagh Baharan Te Gulzaran
  22. Main Gawan Jugni Dig
  23. Mojza Darood Sharif

What is Punjabi Music, and how Alam Lohar performed?

Music of Punjab is identified with shows of the Punjab regions of the Indian subcontinent, after a short time confined into two regions East Punjab India and West Punjab Pakistan. Punjab has various styles of music, going from individuals and Sufi to old-style.
Punjabi Folk Music is the ordinary music it is made using melodic instruments like Tumbi, Algoza, Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta, there is a wide level of individuals tunes for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, good times, fairs, and serious cutoff points.


Punjabi Folk Music is as often as possible seen as the standard music of Punjab and for the most part, has shared creation. This piece of society music has moved with time yet the more settled courses of action of individuals start with the Dhadi sort, which follows thoughts of the all outsource.
Punjabi Music is in a like manner by and large used in various zones of Punjab Pakistan on the events of wedding limits, open Mehfils, Mela, and different exercises in the Punjab district. The full substance of an indispensable number of Punjabi wedding tunes has the caring home depicted as a wellspring of love and backing. Punjabi Folk music is sung by Alam Lohar besides still continues being used as a cutting edge device and a framework for finding seeing check.

History of Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music sung by Alam Lohar

Punjabi Music is normally observed as the standard music of Punjab and conventionally has shared creation. This piece of people’s music has moved with time yet the more settled classes of society which follows examinations of the common source.
The Punjabi type music underscores records of determination and nostalgic stories, as exemplified by the different tunes of the commitment of the amazing mindful records of “Heer Ranjaha“, ” Sassi Panu“, “Saif ul Malook” and Sufi Music sung by Alam Lohar.
Folk songs are in a like manner by and large used in various life-cycle events in the Punjab zone.In basically every wedding event family members, sidekicks, and expert society singers perform different sorts of tunes that use centers from a nostalgic past, yet pass on subjects of division, ecstasy,  and need in the present stylish music as per local demand.
The expressive substance of countless wedding tunes has the paternal home outlined as a wellspring of love and continues,  individuals music of Punjab continues being used home to home and town to town and spreading wherever all through the country on different neighborhood shows up in grassroots zones and various capacities.


Punjab Folk Music is the customary music on the standard instruments of the Punjab area of the Indian subcontinent. There is a phenomenal gathering of music from the hour of birth through the different occasions of bliss and sadness till death.
The general populace music collects the traditions correspondingly as the gave nature, alliance, and considerably more things that the people of Punjab get from its entry to-India land zone. Considering the goliath region with many sub-areas, society music has minor lingual complexities yet brings close to feelings.

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