Allah Dad Khaskheli – 100% Free Sindhi Songs Download


Allah Dad Khaskheli most popular Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is the most popular Sindhi Classical Music Artist and he has sung a lot of great songs in the Sindhi and Saraiki languages. He is a great Singer of Sindh.

Allah Dad Khaskheli has sung most Super Hit  Sindhi and “Saraiki Kaafis” and ” Sindhi Arfana Kalaams”, and extraordinary songs in Sindhi dialect. His singing style happens in a live setting, maybe at an outside Mehfils in “Aotaq” and he has sung moreover in Mela and wedding capacities.
Allah Dad Khaskheli presented Sindhi Folk Music playing new style in Sindh, his songs with a spot of brilliantly informative. Allah Dad Khaskheli had sung songs depicting. He has performed in Sindhi Society Music and his music is scattered from one town to the next town. 
Allah Dad Khaskheli is giving execution and introductions to commonplace and private gatherings with a get-together of observers. He had sung Sindhi Classical Music with proficiently and his eminent sweet relentless and amazingly in a new style, he is a singer of Sindhi Music I have picked up below most standard Sindhi Songs  Download artist Allah Dad Khaskheli.


Allah Dad Khaskheli – Sindhi Folk Music Free Download
Alhay Kesein Jeyno Aa
Allah Kary Shal Jiyan Bachrra (Sehro)
Dukh Nahy Ko Budhanh Waro
Hin Dhak Kha Charhan
Kismat Khani Juda Kayo
Maslo Hall Thindo Yar Ghalhin San
Muhnjo Murshid Pir Pagaro
Mujhi Tusa Aa Wafai Khuda Shall Dhar Na Kare
Mushqil Khnna Hi Dhak Judai Jo
Rakh Ghoth Da Chokidar
Rat Be Nin Runa
Rugo Hanin Ha Salah
Sindh Jo Mahmir Ho
Tuhnja Soor Wallar Thi Pakhin Jiyan



Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Allah Dad Khaskheli

Allah Dad Khaskheli belonging to the province of Sindh and he has sung Sindhi Social Music, Sindhi Sufi Music on various Sindhi Television Stations such as KTN Station, Kashish Sindhi TV Station. He has sung the poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A and other most famous Sindhi poets. 
Allah Dad Khaskheli is an unbelievable singer of Sindhi Conventional Music, he is astoundingly an incredible name in Sindh Classical Music. He sung hit songs for the young culture of Sindh with remarkable melodic Techniques. What a capacity Artist Allah Dad Khaskheli, untouched assembling of individuals people like his best songs. He is particularly standard all over Sindh.
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