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Amber Mehak – 100% Free Sindhi Songs Download


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Amber Mehak - 100% Free Sindhi Songs Download

Amber Mehak Sindhi Folk Music Singer Biography

Amber Mehak Sindhi Folk Music Singer. She is unprecedented and uncommonly standard Singer of Sindh and her name is amazingly renowned in Sindh Music. She has sung Sindhi Society Music and Sindhi Classical Music and she is Master in Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Famous Music. 

She is uncommonly eminent Specialist of Neighborhood Sindhi Channels, for instance, KTN Channel, Kashish, and other Sindhi Channels. She has sung the verse of various latest young scholars and moreover sung best Sindhi Social Songs  and particularly famous in new Sindhi age. 

Amber Mehak has sung in open Mehfils, Mela and Wedding administrations in Sindh. Her style in singing and her sweet stable like society of Sindh, she uncommonly sung marvelous latest songs in her phenomenal style of Music. Her super hit Sindhi Music has been conveying solace to various hearts of social orders of Sindh.  I have picked below most predominant Music of Amber Mehak.

Amber Mehak Sindhi Folk Music Download
Download Achi Wayeen
Download Allah Ho Allah Ho
Download Bewafa Chho Thi Wai
Download Dharo Hani Jogira
Download Dil Agai Tu Watt Aahi
Download Eid Jo Tohifo
Download Hali Aa Hali Aa Sohna
Download Jaden Lok Sumhi Nend Mai
Download Jaee Mohinji Sindhri
Download Janira Moo Saan Jaden
Download Jiye Jiye Shah Bhitai
Download Jogi Jogira Hani Dharo
Download Milyo Mehboob Moo Khi
Download Mohabbat Wara Dehan
Download Mohinjo Koi Naa Aa
Download Mohinjoon Galhiyoon Tu Chaa
Download Moo Hin Dil Mai Jaee
Download Pardesi Dil Ja Paka
Download Pasand Ji Galh Aahi
Download Piyar Bhi Tu Saan Gano Ho
Download Qalandar Lal
Download Raat Aaee Waiee
Download Rana Mohinjoon Wafaoon
Download Sajjan Sajeen
Download Sohino Lateef Jiyee
Download Theraan Tohinjeee Nawan Te
Download Toray Jo Tohinjo
Download Tu Na Nibhayo Piyar
Download Turaye Joo Tohinoon
Download Umer Moo Na Waren Tohinjon Mariyoon
Download Yaad Kandeyen


Amber Mehak Sindhi Folk Music Singer. She is one of those phenomenal Conventional Entertainers who broadened the peripheries of Sindhi Individuals Music by taking it to the ordinary masses. 
Her rendering of “Sindhi Kalaams” is immaculate and used to captivate and transfix group of onlookers individuals, and transport them into a substitute world. Music from Sindh area is sung in Sindhi, and is all around performed in either the “Draws” or “Waee” styles.

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