Attaullah Khan Pakistani Folk Music Singer

Attaullah Khan Pakistani Folk Music Singer

Attaullah Khan Pakistani Folk Music Singer. He is most well known Punjabi, Saraiki Urdu Classical Music Artist.
He sung part of awesome songsin various dialects. Attaullah Khan is outstanding Artist of Pakistan Music and he make great name in Punjab Folk Music and Ghazals and he is exceptionally mainstream Artist of Pakistan, India and United ingdom. He has a world record for the most elevated number of songs collections and exceptionally prevalent artist of Pakistan. As a Performing artist he has additionally communicated his ability in Cinema Movies and sung for films in Pakistan and India. Attaullah Khan first expert Sound Tape was recorded by the Rehmat Gramophone, Faisalabad, and after then NMC, RGH, PMC, Sonic and other Music organizations in Pakistan and T-arrangement in India recorded his collections. I have chosen beneath most well known Pakistani Folk Music of Atta ullah Khan.

Atta ullah Khan Pakistani Folk Music
Download Ae Thewa Mundri Da Thewa
Download Aa Wasiyan Sanwariyan
Download Bedard Dhola
Download Barish De Mosaman Wich
Download Bare Nakhre Hain
Download Chola Larayen De Bahanay
Download Chola Chikne Da
Download Chan Kithan Guzare Ae Raat
Download Dil Lagaya Tha Dil Lagi Keliye
Download Kaala Jora Paa
Download Ker Gai Ker Gai Jadoo Ker Gai
Download Mere Qatil Mere Mayat
Download Qamees Tedi Kaali
Download Ve Bol Sanwal

Biography Punjab Folk Music Singer Attaullah Khan 

Attaullah Khan  was born on 19 August 1951 in the Town Essakhelvi in District Mianwali Pakistan.  He had given his first singing program on Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur in 1972 and also given a stage show in Mianwali in the same year. That was the time, he did not see back and now he is the single person in the world, who has the world record of Audio Music Albums.  He is great singer of Classical Music, Pakistani Ghazals


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