Aziz Mian Pakistani Legendary Qawwali Artist

Aziz Mian Pakistani Legendary Qawwali Artist

Aziz Mian Qawwal most popular Pakistani Qawwali Singer. He was one of Pakistan’s driving conventional qawwals and furthermore well known for singing Ghazals in his own particular exceptional style of Qawwali. Aziz Mian was as yet a standout amongst the most mainstream Qawwals of South Asia, and he was given us numerous Qawwali hits.
He holds the record for singing the longest industrially released Qwwali, “Hashr Ke Roz Yeh Poochhunga“, which runs marginally more than 115 minutes. Aziz Mian was one of the non-customary Pakistani Qawwals. His voice was very powerful. Aziz Mian was the main conspicuous Qawwal to compose his own particular Qawwali, however, similar to others, he likewise performed songs composed by other poets. Aziz Mian was a contemporary, and regularly a contender, of The Sabri Siblings. Aziz Mian Was an Extremely Proficient Individual, He Began from Information Darbar Of Lahore, He Was An Exceptionally Learned and Taught And Was Likewise A Researcher. Aziz Mian Was A Sufi Dervish As well. I have selected below most popular Qawwali of Aziz Mian.

Aziz Mian Pakistani Qawwali and Ghazals 
Download Aadmi Hai Benazeer
Download Aakh Lar Gai Yaar Nal Lar Gai
Download Man Kunto Maula
Download Mere Khoon-e-Aarzoo
Download Meri Dastaan-e-Hasrat
Download Nabi Nabi Ya Nabi Nabi
Download Qalandar Mast Qalandar
Download Sharabi Mein Sharabi
Download Teri Soorat Nighahoon
Download Ya Habib

Biography Pakistani Legendary Qawwal Aziz Mian   

Aziz Mian was born on 17 April 1942, In Dehli India later he was shifted to Pakistan his original name was Abdul Aziz. He regularly utilized as a part of his Qawwalis, turned out to be a piece of his stage name. He started to present himself as Aziz Mian Meeruthi. The word Meerut alludes to Meerut, a city in northern India, from which he moved to Pakistan in 1947. At ten years old, he started taking in the specialty of Qawwali under the tutelage of Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan of Lahore. He got sixteen long stretches of preparing at the Information Ganj Baksh School of Lahore, and earned degrees in Urdu writing, Arabic and Persian from the College of Punjab, Lahore. This legendary Artist was breath his last on 06 December 2000.


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