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Bhagat Kanwar Ram – 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download

Bhagat Kanwar Ram - 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music DownloadThe most popular Sindhi Folk Music Artist is Bhagat Kanwar Ram, Sindhi Sufi’s old Classical Music legend. Bhagat music developed over the years, its starting place should be traced to the historic bards who wandered via the geographical region singing and narrating the ancient heroic ballads of the fans and warriors of the olden times.

The Sindhi Bhagat music received its wonderful structure over a century ago, progressively creating the contemporary famous supply of cultural entertainment. Its performances grew to become greater experts and it grew to become a mutually created folk-art form.

History of Sindhi Bhagat Music

The Bhagat music combines the finer features of exceptional performing arts in such a superb and attractive order that the target audience is saved spellbound for hours together, due to the fact the Bhagat is supposed to begin late in the evening when the village or city people have taken their night time meal and are geared up to sit down until the early hours of the next morning. Men, ladies, and teens partake of the bewitching pleasure of the performance, regularly sitting thru the night.

The Bhagat music with his melodious voice, the refined rhythm of his steps, physique moves, and very wonderful dramatized storytelling, continues the target to their seats even blinking their eyes in the course of the show. He has a variegated voice, developing distinct moods be it pathos, agony, humor, melody, glory, or tragedy as required for the narration. He strikes the hearts of his audience, bringing laughter or tears as the state of affairs demands.

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Biography Sindhi Sufi Music Artist Bhagat Kanwar Ram

Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sindhi Old Classical Music Singer. He was born on 13th April 1885  at Village Jarwar District Sukkur Sindh. He was the most popular Sindhi Classical Music Artist. He was the legendary Singer of Sindh, he create a great name in Sindhi Old Songs.   

He was a humble, generous and compassionate man. He wore a long Kurta and red headgear. He sang and danced at Bhagats. Bhagat Kanwar Ram sang with devotional, singing, and dancing in Sindhi Folk Music. Bhagat Kanwar Ram was used to sing creations of famous saints poets Mira, Kabir, and Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A. and he has created a great name in Old  Sindhi Music.
He has sung “Sindhi Songs”. It happened that during singing time, when Bhagat Kanwar Ram sang the “Raga Sarang” the clear sky started to fill with rain clouds and heavy rain followed. 

He was a Sindhi Classical Music Singer and also Sufi Poet. People used to offer a lot of money and jewels to Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib while he sang but Bhagat Kanwar Ram never kept even a Paisa for himself.

His family out of that money would instead distribute it between poor and needy people because he believed that his touching voice was a gift from God. Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated in communal riots in Sukkur Sindh on 1st November 1939 at Rukari (also known as Ruk) Railway Station.

Overview of Sindhi Music Bhagat Kanwar Ram

The pivotal persona in the overall performance is the Bhagat music after whom the artwork shape is named. He is the high dancer, the storyteller, and the soul of the performance. The others are the “Boldias” supporting players and additionally the gamers of musical contraptions such as Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Khanjri, etc., easy rhythmical instruments.

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Bhagat is the most essential and critical phase of Sindhi folk art, a prosperous cultural heritage of the Sindhi neighborhood and extensively acclaimed. There have been as soon ratings of these versatile artists in the geographical region as properly as in the city pockets of Sind.

However, after the partition of the Hindustan, this folk’s artwork is on the decline due to a range of reasons, together with the impact of digital mass media and socio-economic compulsion. However, there are nevertheless a few outstanding Bhagats who are devoted and operate occasionally.

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