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Bhagwanti Navani – 100% Free Sindhi Lada, Sehra Music Download


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Bhagwanti Navani - 100% Free Sindhi Lada, Sehra Music Download

Indian Sindhi Music Singer Bhagwanti Navani Biography

Bhagwanit Nawani Sindhi Lada, Sehra, Filmi Music Singer. She was born on  1st February 1940 in Nasarpur Sindh.  As an Artist she was a piece of stage execution of Sindhi’s for in excess of 3000 times at different social, religious and social festivals of Sindhi’s in India and abroad. She was great Artist of Sindhi Songs and she create great name in Sindhi Music. She was called best Sindhi Folk Singer. 

Her sweet voice was captured hearts of the peoples and she was called “Sindhi Koel“. She has sung lot of popular and hit songs in Sindhi Language, such as Sindhi Folk Music, Classical Music. 

She was very popular when she started singing of Sindhi Sehra, Sindhi Lada, and Sindhi marriage songs and become a popularity her name in the house hold of sindhi families. In the marriage celebration  her Sehra, are the integral part.  I have selected below most popular super hit Sindhi  Lada, Sehra  and Geet of Bhagwanti Navani.

Bhagwanti Navani Sindhi Old Classical Music Download
Download Achi Kayo Insaaf
Download Aayo Dein Sabhago
Download Be Yaraa
Download Bera Bane
Download Bhola Nikri Aa
Download Chhad Ghot Ghodiya
Download Ghoriyan Pai Ghor Mohinjo Ladal Aayo
Download Gila Kaam Kare Likhyo Keen Tari
Download Jaryen Manjh Jayes
Download Jeejal Jatan Ji
Download Jholay Lal
Download Ko Keean Chawi Ko Keean Chawi
Download Lal Mohinji Pat Rakhj Bhala Jholay Lalan
Download Lalan Tohinji Lare Lagi
Download Lurah Manjhan Lurendi Achi
Download Ladi Ji Dil Ladi Saan
Download Lado Ladi Wathan Gher Aayo
Download Lada Ladi Aandai Ghar
Download Mor Tho Tilay Rana
Download Motor Tay Charhi Aayo
Download Mohinja Mor Lada
Download Mast Qalander Lal
Download Moo Na Tha Wisren Sindh Ja Nizara
Download O Mohinja Mann Kabooter
Download O Mohinji Serkar
Download Palav Ji Painda
Download Pairen Pawandi Saan
Download Raat Mukam Roee
Download Saath Wari Chhokri
Download Sama Jaam Sultan Mohinji Zaat Mohani
Download Sanhra Manho Sohna
Download Shal Sindhi Tu
Download Sik Mai Ho Sik Mai
She was got lot of Awards  with many times and trophies for the best singer.  Her first formal Music educating was minded by Devghar Music School and Arun Sangeet Vidyala Nikhil Ghosh. After wards she joined Indian Individuals Theater Affiliation, where her melodic ability was prospered under the direction from Kanu Ghosh and Kanu Beam

This Bengal association motivated Bhagwanti to take in more about “Ravindra Sangeet” from Chitra Barua and Hemant Kumar. She picked up prevalence and move toward becoming artist of masses when she began singing Sindhi Classical MusicHer singing profession reached out for over 25 years.  
In the playback singing for Sindhi Films her accomplishment turn out to be more significant as after 1963, she sung for all the Sindhi Films releases, some of these are Jhoolelal, Ladli, Sindhua Je Kinare, Shal Dhiar Na Jaman, Hojamalo, Kanwar Slam, Halu Ta Bhaji Haloon, Pardesi Preetam and so forth.  This great Singer leave from this World and she was died on 22nd October 1986.

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