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Deeba Sehar – 100% Free Best Sindhi Songs Download


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Deeba Sehar - 100% Free Best Sindhi Songs Download

Sindhi Folk Music Singer Deeba Sehar Biography

Deeba Sehar Sindhi Folk Music Singer. She is great Sindhi Pop Music Singer, she created good name in Sindh Music. She played a great role in popular Sindhi Songs New, Lok Music and Folk Music all across the Sindh. She gained reputation in the field of  Sindhi Music, after Sindhi language Television Channels, touched the region. 

Deeba Sahar’s concerts take place inside Pakistan and around the world. She recently performed in Dubai on different occasions. Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts. She is one of those rare Musicians who expanded the peripheries of  Folk  Songs by taking it to the common masses. 

Her rendering of “Sindhi Kalam”  was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world.  She played all “Folk Songs” of great poetry of Popular Sindhi poets. Deeba Sehar sung Lok Music on Radio Pakistan, Local TV Channels,  Marriage ceremonies, Mela in Sindh and other local Mehfils. I have selected most popular Music of  Deeba Sehar.

Deeba Sehar Sindhi Folk Music Songs Download
Download Dard Aida Dina Thaie
Download Dil Na Athai Aoha Saagi Hani Puk Thi Wai Aa
Download Kare Yaad Tu Khi
Download Khuda Khi Man
Download Lagi Tho Peer Na Murshid Athai
Download Mehnan Mai Mari Moo Khi
Download Mohinji Pai Guzray
Download Moo Khi Aido Tho Wanain
Download Mohinjo Jani Aahi Bahrari Jo
Download Neth Hik Bi Khan
Download Piree Tu Saan Aido Piyar
Download Qismat Mai Mohinji Mithra
Download Sohna Sajan Mitha Mor
Download Sohna Tu Khi Pehinji Dil Diyan Thi
Download Tu Rowar Bhali
Download Tohinji Dil Taan Nao Mohinjo Nikri Wayo
Download Wisare Wanji Waithain Yaar
Deeba Sahar is a notable Pakistan Sindhi Artist. She picked up notoriety in the field of Sindhi Folk Music, after Sindhi dialect TV slots, touched the locale. Deeba Sahar’s shows occur inside Pakistan and around the globe. Deeba Sahar is a fine Sindhi Artist. 
Her prominent and Super hit songs “Aree Aea Gadji Kayoon“, “Aalyoon Akheryoon“, Barabar Bhej Bhittaie, “Dil Jee Viraan” and other songs are very impressive and vast listened by Sindhi and Pakistani peoples. 

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