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Gul Panra – 100% Free Pashto Folk Music Download


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Gul Panra - 100% Free Pashto Folk Music Download

Gul Panra Pashto Folk Music Singer. She was born on 06 September 1989 in Peshawar Pakistan. Tappa is the most established and most well-known type of Pashto verse. 

Pashto Folk Music Singer Gul Panra Biography

She is the most popular great Pashto Artist and she creates a great name in Pashto Music. She is the most popular  Pakistani Pashto Folk Music, Pop Music, and Ghazals Singer. She gets her earlier education from Peshawar and then she goes to Peshawar University for higher studies. 

She was a very intelligent and bright student. In 2014 she has completed her Masters’s in her favorite subject Social Work with great success.  She is widely known as a Singer of Man Amadeam with Atif Aslam, and she has sung with Atif Aslam in Coke Studio.

 Gul Panra starts her career in 2010 when she was too young. Singing is her passion and she has the guts to prove herself as the best singer of Pashto.  Her first album released  “Zama Ghazal” was very popular and people like it much. Tappa has up to 16 unique models of agreement and is being sung with a full symphony. In hujrah it’s sung with rubab and sitar and she has sung the latest Pashto Songs
Gul Panra Pashto Audio Songs Download
Download Bazar De Bazar
Download Da Ashiqee Da Kana
Download Da Gul Sanga Yem Dilraj
Download Da Khamosh Nazar
Download Da Panzebono Mai
Download Gul Ghonde Khaist Zama
Download Maonga Malangan Yu
Download Meena Na Kawam
Download Mohabbat Ka Kharsedale
Download Nadaan Zargiya
Download Nadan Malanga
Download Negh Rata Raogora
Download Pa Tolo Khkulo Ke
Download Shayira Za Pa Ta Nazegam
Download Shin Khalay
Download Sta Mohabbat Lewaney Kare
Download Sta Pa Deedan Pase Jaregam
Download Subho Sham Zama Ghaza
Download Taj Mahal De Jeeney Shahsawar
Download Tapey Ghulam Film Hits
Download Wale Nafrat Kawe Lama
Download Yaar Me Naway Sharabi
Download Yuw Me De Yar Da
Download Za Awara Shom
Download Za Bubli Bubli
Download Za Yam Qeemati Ghamey
Download Za Yama Aashiqi
The Tappa is a creation of two unequal meters, in which the primary line is shorter than the succeeding one, yet it mirrors every single human feeling and yearning exquisitely. Be it workers, laborers, or ladies all feelings discover articulation in the Tappa. 
It is additionally basic among the Pashtuns that a kid of school would sing it, the older folks in their Hujrahs, the ladies in their home, and Godar alike. It is the main tune sung in the season of sorrow and in the event of marriage. In music, it is sung with the customary Pashto Music Audio instruments Rubab and Mangai. I have selected below the most popular Music of Gul Panra.

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